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CNN tries to smear Biden with bizarre segment about family consuming 12 gallons of milk a week

CNN tries to smear Biden with bizarre segment about family consuming 12 gallons of milk a week

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You expect fear-mongering and a reluctance to fact-check their segments from those right-wing extremist “news” organizations that prioritize the pushing of their political agenda ahead of any commitment to the truth.

Yet here was CNN, a news channel with a reputation for residing in the center between Fox News on the far-right and MSNBC on the center-left  — and already tarnished with Donald Trump’s constant attacks over the past five years as “fake news” — unquestionably accepting some dubious assertions from a supposedly middle-class family about the toll that the inflation, caused by the supply chain issues engendered by the pandemic, has affected their family grocery shopping budget.

The aim of the CNN segment was to highlight the effect that these rising food prices are having on an average American family, but the reporting immediately goes off the mark by choosing to focus on a Texas family, the Stotlers, who hardly seem representative of the average American family who in 2020 contained 1.93 children under 18 per family unit.

The Stotlers, by comparison, have two biological children of their own and have admirably decided to adopt and foster seven other children, bringing their family up to 11 members, far beyond the norm for this country.

Thus, any rise in grocery prices, no matter what the cause, is going to be magnified for such a large family.

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As CNN accompanies the Stotlers on a weekly shopping trip to the supermarket, the footage is intercut with an interview in which the mother makes economic pronouncements that would be more credible coming from an actual economic expert, but the network allows to go unchallenged and un-fact-checked.

“I think that probably in June, it was about a dollar is worth a dollar. So now that dollar is worth about 70 cents,” Mrs. Stotler says.

“We started seeing everything going up. Grocery prices went up. A gallon of milk was $1.99, now it’s $2.79. But when you buy 12 gallons a week times 4 weeks, you know, that’s a lot of money,” she lamented.

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It seems like a legitmate complaint, and CNN accepts her account unquestionally.

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Luckily, the denizens of social media were a bit more skeptical of Mrs. Stotler’s claims.

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While milk prices can vary depending on where you live and on the promotional efforts of grocery stores, it’s obvious that fact-checking surrendered to the agenda-pushing in this particular story on CNN.

We expect better of CNN. Stories like this only serve to validate Trump’s epithets of “fake news” hurled at the channel and undermine the public trust in the media.

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