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Hilarity ensues after Twitter discovers jailed Jan 6 terrorist started “anti-bullying” org

Hilarity ensues after Twitter discovers jailed Jan 6 terrorist started “anti-bullying” org

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One of the funnier little tidbits of karmic retribution in recent memory hit the digital newsstands today in the form of a woman named Jenna Ryan. Ryan is a January 6th insurrectionist who previously claimed she’d never go to jail because she has “blonde hair white skin a great job a great future.”

Unfortunately for her and fortunately for those of us who value the rule of law, Ryan’s delusional worldview came crashing down with the revelation that she’s been sentenced to 60 days in prison. Her absurd assumptions about how the justice system would treat her are easily mocked, but they also offer some raw insight into the racial privileges that underpin much of the MAGA movement’s ethos.

Ryan’s sentencing has unleashed a wave of understandable schadenfreude on social media — a trend that went into hyperdrive when Twitter users found a tweet from Ryan dated November 1st in which she hilariously announced that she was starting an “anti-bullying” organization. She included a link to her website called “” but when one clicks the link it just brings you to a blank WordPress that has yet to be designed.

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For many, the irony of a woman involved in a political cult devoted to the most infamous cyberbully in history, Donald J. Trump, was just too rich to pass up. Trumpers revel in cruelty when it’s directed at marginalized groups but fall to pieces the moment they think they might be targeted by “cancel culture.” Now she clearly has bigger things to worry about — like what size cellblock she’ll be living in for the next two months.

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Ryan disabled replies to her tweet except for people she follows or mentions, but that didn’t prevent people from quote-tweeting it and unleashing a deluge of brutal mockery.

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