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Kinzinger roasts Marjorie Taylor Greene after she calls him “traitor” for infrastructure vote

Kinzinger roasts Marjorie Taylor Greene after she calls him “traitor” for infrastructure vote

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Last night, House Democrats finally got five of their stubborn, outrageously corrupt “moderate” holdouts to agree to support the Build Back Better bill that holds the meat of President Biden’s agenda and successfully passed a trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill with thirteen Republican votes. The bill now moves on to the Senate, where it is likely to receive sufficient Republican votes to pass so that Minority Leader McConnell and his crew of radical extremists can show their voters next fall that they can compromise when they want to.

But the hooting and baying Republican hogs in the House — especially Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — were unable to recognize this transparent strategic play and instead howled that the infrastructure bill was, you guessed it, “communism.” Greene took to Twitter and excoriated her 13 colleagues as “traitors” for voting for the “Communist takeover of America via so-called infrastructure.”


At this point, it’s hard to tell what isn’t communism in America according to these people. Building roads? Communism. Fixing pipes? Communism. Creating jobs? You bet that’s communism.

Moderate Republican and future insufferable MSNBC pundit Adam Kinzinger took to Twitter to mock Marjorie Taylor Greene, joking that President Eisenhower’s interstate system should “be torn up or else the commies will be able to drive” and sarcastically quipped that it was “Red Dawn in real life,” a reference to the 1980s hit film in which the Soviet Union invades Colorado.

Kinzinger is a prominent Trump critic but is planning to retire at the end of his term, knowing that he cannot win re-election after publicly rejecting Trump and also knowing that he has a lifetime gig on some godawful cable news show explaining why we can’t afford to give American the healthcare they deserve waiting for him as the media desperately works to launder the reputation of any and every conservative they possibly can.

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Editor’s Note: This story uses a later inserted, archived copy of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green’s tweet because she has been permanently suspended from Twitter. This story has been re-categorized from News to Opinion.

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