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Snowflake U: Conservatives spark avalanche of mockery with announcement of a scam university

Snowflake U: Conservatives spark avalanche of mockery with announcement of a scam university

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It is really remarkable to watch the shamelessness with which the bigots and poseurs on the right-wing that style themselves as “iNteLleCtuAls” simultaneously cry that they are constantly being “cancelled” (read: receiving criticism for being racist) while ferociously trying to stamp out any thought or opinion that disagrees with them. Completely incapable of shouldering any kind of pushback, they constantly retreat to safe spaces while trying to smear liberals as being “snowflakes.”

Bari Weiss, the notorious Islamophobe who started her career in grievance preaching by trying to get Palestinian professors fired from their jobs at Colombia University and infamously quit her cushy editorial job at the New York Times in a public tantrum because her colleagues thought she was stupid and her ideas sucked, announced on Monday morning that she and a group of other right-wing losers were opening a new university, where a racist can be a racist!

“We can’t wait for America’s universities to fix themselves!” complains the opening trailer for the “university.” At this point in the post-Trump world, we all know where this is going. Our young folks shouldn’t have to learn the truth about American racism, or nontraditional conceptions of gender and sexuality, or the truth about America’s countless atrocities throughout the past seventy years or so — so we’re going to start a center of learning entirely devoted to rewriting history to suit a white supremacist world-view.

Right off the bat, this obsession with the “truth” makes it clear that this is not going to be a “university” so much as it is a “propaganda multi-level marketing scheme” in the vein of famous fake universities like Trump University and the University of Phoenix.

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In fact, if you dig a little deeper on their website, you find that they don’t actually offer any degrees, aren’t accredited, and have a lawyer’s office as their listed address.

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It’s just further proof that the entire American right-wing movement from top to bottom exists solely to funnel money out of the pockets of angry rubes into the bank accounts of devious rubes while entrenching the dominance of white supremacists ideology in the minds of its followers.

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Social media, of course, had a field day mocking Bari Weiss and the University of Austin:


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