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Kellyanne climbs out of her hole to sell outrageous lie about the Trump admin

Kellyanne climbs out of her hole to sell outrageous lie about the Trump admin

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It’s not surprising that Republicans have been trying to rewrite history to turn the disastrous, utterly failed Trump era into some kind of golden age of American prosperity,  but what is surprising is just how shameless they’ve been about it.

“Gaslighting” doesn’t even begin to describe what pro-MAGA talking heads and politicians have been engaged in since Trump left office. They truly believe the American public — and specifically their base — is so stupid and memory-challenged that they’ll just forget the things they witnessed while Donald Trump was occupying the Oval Office.

For many of us, the defining failure of the Trump presidency was the complete botching of the federal response to COVID-19. The president himself downplayed the risks posed by the virus, regularly spread misinformation, and entrusted incompetent henchmen to handle crucial response efforts. Hospitals were overwhelmed and for a long time, frontline workers didn’t even have access to an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Trump and his minions would like us to pretend these things never happened.

Last night, Trump’s former campaign manager and right-hand woman Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News and brazenly lied about the ongoing supply chain problems. In an effort to smear the Biden administration, she claimed that such problems never occurred under President Trump.

“I worked in that White House for four years. We never even heard of such of a thing. There was no supply chain crisis,” lied Conway. Of course, there was a supply chain crisis under Trump. As previously mentioned, the beginning of the pandemic saw healthcare workers scrambling, and oftentimes failing, to acquire a sufficient supply of PPE.

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The current supply chain issues are the result of a global economy reopening after a debilitating global pandemic, depressed supplies struggling to meet increasing demand, countless workers deciding to quit their jobs, and disruptions to shipping routes caused by extended inactivity. In other words, the Biden administration is not to blame.

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The PPE shortage during the Trump years was a very different story and was in large part caused by the idiotic decision to place the blatantly unqualified Jared Kushner in charge of the problem. Infamously, the president’s son-in-law said that “free markets” would solve the crisis and that it was “not the role of government” to handle it. As a result, people died.

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Even by Kellyanne Conway’s heinously mendacious standards, her remarks last night were staggeringly dishonest.

Watch below.

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