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Social media reacts in disgust as Kyle Rittenhouse breaks down in Kavanaugh-esque tears

Social media reacts in disgust as Kyle Rittenhouse breaks down in Kavanaugh-esque tears

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The ongoing trial of murderous white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse, already a complete and utter mockery of justice from the moment it began, descended into a full-on farce on Wednesday morning as the man pulled a Brett Kavanaugh and broke down crying on the stand.

Judge Bruce E. Schroeder, who made it clear from the first minute that he was in the bag for Rittenhouse and there was no chance that Rittenhouse would face any serious punishment for shooting and killing two protestors during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, called a recess to allow Rittenhouse to compose himself.

Judge Schroeder later screamed at the prosecutor for attempting to bring up a separate video in which Rittenhouse bragged that he wished he had a rifle in order to shoot shoplifters, which seems relevant to a case in which he used a rifle to shoot people.

The reason for calling Rittenhouse himself to the stand and then his subsequent performative crying fit was immediately made clear in the social media feeds of the right-wing: they needed some footage to frame Rittenhouse as a victim of leftist, uh, anti-shooting people laws and cancel culture smearing him as a white supremacist.

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Rittenhouse faces six charges and could be staring at life in prison if he is convicted, which he should be, but almost certainly won’t be.

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Social media reacted in disgust to the performance by the trigger-happy young man who drove two hours out of his way to go play vigilante against those marching for the dignity of the lives of Black Americans and demanding justice for police murders.

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