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Eyebrows are raised and jokes made as Trump announces his “envoy ambassador” is visiting Serbia

Eyebrows are raised and jokes made as Trump announces his “envoy ambassador” is visiting Serbia

It has been both deeply disturbing and occasionally laughable to see Donald Trump keep pretending he’s the legitimate president, a constant back and forth between abject terror at Trump’s incessant efforts to undermine and dismantle our democracy from the outside and the bemusement that comes at seeing a senile carnival barker go to absurd lengths to maintain the integrity of his personal delusions.

Those conflicting sentiments must once again be grappled within the wake of this morning’s news that Donald Trump appears to be attempting to conduct foreign policy like a government in exile.

In a bizarre statement released on Thursday morning, Trump poured praise on the Eastern European nations of Serbia and Kosovo for overcoming obstacles in pursuit of “economic normalization” and announced he had dispatched his “envoy ambassador” to the Serbia-Kosovo border to highlight the agreement between the two nations that was signed at the Trump White House on September 4th, 2020.

Richard Grenell was the Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations during the Trump administration but is certainly not anymore, so it is very strange to see him returning to Serbia on the pretense of American government business.

The whole thing is clearly just a stunt to promote one of the Trump administration’s very, very, very few actual foreign policy accomplishments, but eyebrows will certainly be raised around Washington for the verbiage used here — non-presidents usually do not have ambassadors or interact with foreign governments unless, say, they are an aspiring replacement for the established government.

On the other hand, in typical Trumpian fashion, the words “envoy ambassador” don’t really make any sense at all, which social media users were quick to pounce upon:

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