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Jen Psaki reveals what President Biden really thinks about the offensive “Let’s go, Brandon” chants

Jen Psaki reveals what President Biden really thinks about the offensive “Let’s go, Brandon” chants

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If you’ve had even brief contact with right-wingers online in the past month you’ve likely seen their newest meme phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon.” The phrase is code for “F*ck Joe Biden” and originates from a NASCAR race in early October. After racer Brandon Brown emerged victorious, he was interviewed by a reporter. During the conversation, the conservative crowd behind him began chanting “F*ck Joe Biden.” The reporter misheard them and said they were chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” The clip went viral and a meme was born.

Since then, the MAGA crowd has churned out t-shirts with the phrase, produced songs about it, and Republican officials have even appeared in dresses bearing the offensive coded phrase. The incredibly childish behavior is emblematic of a political movement that’s animated by nothing more than spite and “owning the libs.” The same people who urged us to respect the office of the presidency when Donald Trump was disgracing it left and right now seem fully comfortable hurling gutter language at the sitting president.

Today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter what President Biden makes of “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“I don’t think he spends much time focused or thinking about it,” responded Psaki.

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“The president said when he came into office on Inauguration Day, he said he was going to help get rid of the ‘Uncivil War’ in this country. So I guess through that lens right now does the president think there are things that he can do differently or how does he react to the stuff he sees out there when it is one of his primary promises or desires to help bring Americans together?” asked the reporter.

“Well, it takes two to move towards a more civil engagement discourse in this country and the president’s going to continue to operate as you said from the promise he made early on, which is that he wants to govern for all Americans,” said Psaki.

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“He’s going to deliver for all Americans as is evidenced by the infrastructure bill that’s he’s going to sign on Monday,” she continued. “That’s going to help expand broadband to everyone no matter your political party, no matter whether you voted for him or not. That’s going to replace lead pipes, make sure kids have clean drinking water. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or not political at all. That’s how he’s going to govern and certainly we’re hopeful we’ll have partners to move towards more civil discourse.”

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Psaki’s response highlights two essential truths. The first is that Biden could not be any more different from Trump. Whereas the latter is a petty, obsessive ego-driven monster who feels a need to respond to every slight, both imagined and real, the former is a thick-skinned leader far more focused on the business of the country than settling scores.

The second is that it’s not Biden’s job to suddenly make the Republican Party civil. The GOP is composed of conspiracy theories and QAnon fanatics who believe the Democratic Party is literally killing and eating babies in Satanic rituals. There is no common ground to be had with these people and until they return to sanity our political discourse is going to be coarse.

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