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Trump weighs in on recent The View episode to trash his former comms director

Trump weighs in on recent The View episode to trash his former comms director

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Ex-President Trump issued a new statement on Monday morning trashing his former assistant and Strategic Communications Director, Alyssa Farah, for — of course — her recent appearance on the View. Following the departure of faildaughter Meghan McCain, the popular daytime talk show has been holding an ongoing search for a replacement conservative host to create drama by saying provocative and enormously stupid things before getting dogpiled by the other three.

Farah got her chance to prove her worth a few weeks ago, and it did not go well for her. After admitting she knew just what kind of person Donald Trump was, Farah claimed she worked for him because she wanted to “serve her country” and that she “believed strongly in his economic agenda, I believed in his national security agenda.”

Towards the end of the segment, she said that “I wouldn’t support Donald Trump again…Our country needs to go a different direction” — which obviously is what set Trump and his disloyalty detectors off on red alert.

Trump responded to the segment with a vicious statement in which he trashed Farah as a “backbencher,” a “nobody,” an “inglorious lightweight” and downplayed her role in his administration, claiming that it was like “she didn’t even exist.” He continued to promote the absurd conspiracy that he had somehow won the 2020 election, which he called the “Crime of the Century.”

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It is obvious that Trump’s vitriol and magnitude of infuriation exponentially increase when the person who has slighted him is a woman, and this statement is clear evidence that he hasn’t changed in that regard. It just goes to show the rewards that the people who served him will reap — and that over a year later, this loon is still pushing dangerous conspiracy theories intended to destabilize our democracy as we know it.

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