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FBI raids home of Lauren Boebert’s ex-campaign manager

FBI raids home of Lauren Boebert’s ex-campaign manager

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Funny how it’s election-integrity-obsessed Republicans who always seem to find themselves in hot water!

Tina Peters, a disgraced Colorado MAGA election clerk who ran her own amateur QAnon-style “investigation” into “voter fraud” related to the 2020 election, had her Mesa County home raided by federal agents in relation to an election security investigation.

Peters wasn’t the only one to find herself under federal scrutiny, however; one of the other homes targeted by law enforcement include that of Sherronna Bishop, the former campaign manager for extremist GOP freshwoman Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Boebert herself has faced scrutiny for improper use of campaign funds.

Will Sommer at The Daily Beast reports that “Peters briefly became a star on the right last summer when she appeared at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s ‘cyber-symposium’ on voter fraud. A few days before her appearance, alleged QAnon mastermind Ron Watkins posted images from Mesa County voting machines, while hard drives from the county’s equipment later leaked online. That inspired suspicions that Peters was somehow involved in the potentially illegal leak, and she briefly went into hiding.”

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While it’s not clear that these women are guilty of any crimes, it just goes to show how insane right-wing radicals have infiltrated every level of our democracy, with mischief in their hearts and an appalling disregard for our democratic processes. We have an enormous amount of work ahead of us to make sure the 2022 elections go off without a hitch.

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