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Trump trashes “Broken Old Crow” McConnell in unhinged attack over Biden bill

Trump trashes “Broken Old Crow” McConnell in unhinged attack over Biden bill

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It appears that President Biden’s successful passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill has hit a nerve with disgraced ex-president Donald Trump, who made so many performative promises to invest in infrastructure that “infrastructure week” became a meme unto itself across the nation.

In a rambling and unhinged statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Trump tore into Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for allowing Biden a political victory, unable to recognize that this is a political victory for Republicans as well since it proves to the nation that Republicans can compromise when they want to. Trump unveiled a new nickname for McConnell, calling him “Broken Old Crow” (or “Old Broken Crow,” depending on which section of the message your read), and blamed him for not using the debt ceiling to hold the Democratic presidency hostage — which, sadly, there is still plenty of time for McConnell to do.

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Such is the typical narcissistic Trumpian response; he is utterly incapable of recognizing or celebrating good for anyone else, even for the nation he that supposedly loves so very much, if he can’t put his name on it. While it is absolutely ridiculous to imply that Mitch McConnell has ever done anything for the benefit of Democrats, we suppose any amount of infighting between the two most powerful members of the Republican Party is a good thing!

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