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Twitter erupts in mockery as CPAC disinvites Big Bird and his pals

Twitter erupts in mockery as CPAC disinvites Big Bird and his pals

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Few conservative meltdowns in recent history so perfectly encapsulate the inanity and absurdity of the modern GOP as the crusade against Big Bird. The beloved avian mascot for the children’s educational program Sesame Street ignited the ire of the right-wing media sphere when the character announced that he had been “vaccinated” in an effort to promote lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines.

Republicans pounced on the message, decrying it as “propaganda” and an attempt at “brainwashing children.” Some slammed Big Bird as a “f*cking puppet” and a “communist.” One right-wing preacher went so far as to call it “demonic.”

These are obviously not the opinions of people that we should take seriously but they do showcase the degree to which anti-vaxxer sentiment has infiltrated a Republican Party increasingly dominated by conspiracy theorists.

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Seemingly oblivious to how ridiculous the Big Bird drama makes them look to normal people, the people behind the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) blasted out a tweet today decrying “Big Bird & Big. Gov Mandates” along with an image promising that Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie are “NOT INVITED” to CPAC 2022.

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The embarrassing tweet is perhaps not surprising since Mark Schlapp, the President of CPAC, recently called for the defunding of PBS — the broadcaster that produces Sesame Street — over the Big Bird vaccination incident.

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These people want Americans to entrust them with running our country and then waste their time litigating the politics of literal puppets. Their brains are completely rotted by culture war nonsense and rather than address the material needs of Americans living in a country more and more dominated by income inequality they focus on rubbish like this.

Not surprisingly, the incredibly childish tweet provoked an avalanche of mockery.

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