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Donald Trump’s first post-White House book features a surprisingly appropriate format

Donald Trump’s first post-White House book features a surprisingly appropriate format

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See Donald Trump write. Write Donald, write.

Most former presidents manage to secure lucrative book deals for their memoirs after they leave the White House, weighing in on the pressing issues that they faced during their term in office and trying to cement their legacy from their own point of view for public consumption and for the historical record.

For America’s first post-literate former president, however, the initial foray into publishing his reflections on his experiences in office for the printed page will take an approach more suited to his less than eloquent intellect: a picture book.

According to Business Insider, a compilation of photos entitled Our Journey Together is now available for pre-order on the disgraced ex-president’s website with unsigned copies going for $75 and editions emblazoned with Donald Trump’s scrawled signature setting MAGA fanatics back a hefty $230.

Described in the website’s promotional blurb as “a beautiful photo book which covers President Donald J. Trump’s successful time in the White House,” one would imagine that it would be a remarkably thin tome to live up to that assessment of his tenure.

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As far as what you might get for your hard-earned cash, the website indicates that “every photograph has been handpicked by the President, as has every caption in the book, including those that are handwritten by him.”

Just what America has been waiting for! A coffee table book featuring over 300 official White House photographs of the orange-hued seditionist at work.
See Trump visiting the failed border wall boondoggle!
Marvel at his cluelessness and subservience as he interacts with authoritarian world leaders that he admires like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un!
Examine his smug satisfaction as he confirms yet another reactionary Federalist Society-approved judge to the federal court system!
Witness the expressions of defiance and determination as he girds his loins to begin “battling liberals on two impeachment witch hunts”!
See Trump bask in the reflected glory of royalty as he poses with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and gives lessons in impunity to that country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The photo book also promises to include previously unseen behind-the-scenes family photos, not surprising considering that the book will be published by an imprint established by his son, Donald Trump Jr., and Sergio Gor, the former communications director for Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

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“My father picked every single photo in this book, wrote all the captions, including some by hand,” Don Jr. bragged, like the proud father of a kindergartner bringing home his first crayon drawinbg of a stick figure.

Given the intellectual makeup of the former president’s remaining fan base, the move to make his first post-presidential publication a picture book with few big words to stumble over is likely a wise business decision for Trump whose businesses are reportedly struggling after the damage to his brand that his conduct in office has resulted in.

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Expect the book to be a valued addition to coffee tables in double-wides at trailer parks across the red states of this country in the months ahead.

The rest of us can just save our money and use Google to find more photos of the national nightmare than we’d ever wish to offend our eyeballs.

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