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Social media reacts with righteous fury at Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Social media reacts with righteous fury at Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

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The impression that many progressives have that America’s justice system is fatally flawed by the unequal application of the law based on the color of the defendant’s skin and the political affiliation of the presiding judge was just reinforced today by the verdict in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse after a jury found him innocent of the murder charges filed against him.

Rittenhouse, an Illinois teenager who traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin with his AR-15-style rifle during the BLM protests against the police shooting of Jacob Blake — and killed two people and wounded one other while supposedly defending a car dealership from potential vandalism — was found to have acted in self-defense despite video evidence that showed him fatally firing at the people that the judge in the case, Bruce Schroeder, refused to allow prosecutors to refer to as “victims.”

The verdict in the politically polarizing trial caused much consternation on social media as people reacted to the news of the jury’s decision.

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Unfortunately, the response from right-wing pundits on Twitter was celebratory as if the murder of two human beings was in any way justified by the fear of demands for equal justice for all American citizens.

Today’s verdict simply demonstrates how far we are from achieving those aims and how much work remains to be done to transform the justice system into an equitable forum that treats all those accused of crimes under the same standards of accountability.

This can only be changed at the ballot box, folks. It’s time to abandon complacency and make sure that the right-wing politicians who confirm judges whose own biases taint the conduct of a prosecution are defeated and replaced with people committed to reform.

Meanwhile, Republican congressmen ranging from Paul  Gosar to Matt Gaetz to Madison Cawthorn are offering the murderous teenager prestigious internships in their Capitol Hill offices in celebration of his violent behavior.

The world gets more twisted every day.

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