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Trump’s Fox News interview sets a new standard for disinformation

Trump’s Fox News interview sets a new standard for disinformation

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Lately, Donald Trump has been mostly content with spreading his litany of grievances and racist misanthropy primarily through press releases and the occasional call-in interview to extremist right-wing media outlets dedicated to promoting his sickening and divisive ideology.

Thus, late night’s in-person appearance on Fox News was a rare chance to watch the disgraced former president peddle his B.S. up close and personal as he plugged his new coffee table photo book designed to wring additional dollars from his MAGA devotees with the promise of a pictorial walk down memory lane featuring images representing what Trump sees as the highlights of his destructive tenure.

Thanks to the curatorial prowess of self-described “internet hooligan” Acyn’s Twitter feed, we can present excerpts from Trump’s latest attempt at promoting his fictional alternative vision of the world and demonstrate just how far the former president detaches from reality in pushing his self-interested propaganda points.

The tenor of the interview was set in its opening moments when Trump kicked off the action with a bold and easily disprovable whopper of a lie concerning the price of gas in California, which any resident of the state could drive past their nearest petrol station to learn exactly how massively Trump has inflated his price claims.

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Trump soon moved on to trying to rewrite the history of his foreign policy failures as president, blaming the investigation into his campaign’s multiple proven contacts with Russia for his inability to hold that country accountable for their many hostile moves against the U.S.

He also fondly reminisced about his supposedly mutual love affair with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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Downplaying his administration’s massive failure in managing the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump decided to offer a history lesson on the Spanish Flu of 2018 which he continued to attribute to a year earlier than it occurred.

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The man who single-handedly brought the nation to the edge of a seditious coup has the audacity to accuse Democrats of subverting the Constitution while making ludicrous claims about what constitutes “communism.”

The fact that he is freely spreading his lies on a mainstream media “news” channel makes his allegations about freedom of the press so obviously false and laughable that one has to wonder how low the IQ of any viewer who buys into his claptrap must be.

Trump has the air of a man who has repeated his own lies so often that he has internalized them into his delusional belief system to the extent that they roll off his tongue as fluidly as his narcissistic self-praise does. Take this comment on his handling of the pandemic, for instance.

While Trump may have been obliquely trying to tar Joe Biden as the man who replaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in history in the estimation of his right-wing followers, the irony is that his own disastrous performance in the presidency long ago assured him what is hopefully permanent ownership of that ignominious title.

Trump also displayed both his misogyny towards female political leaders and his disdain for people who use their fingers directionally in this pointless detour about pointing.

Trump, who likely hasn’t pumped a gallon of gas for himself in decades, returned to his false propaganda about the rate of inflation in the price of fuel in the final clip from the Fox News interview.

Trump apologists may call his rhetorical technique justifiable hyperbole, but, to most observers, his words are just vicious lies designed to serve his own interests above that of the nation’s citizens.

That this man who is one of the gravest dangers that American democracy faces in the months ahead continues to live free and luxuriously without a single indictment for his well-documented crimes is our current biggest national tragedy.

That he continues to spread his hateful rhetoric on the national airwaves is a disgrace.

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Original reporting by Acyn on Twitter.

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