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Trump unleashes bizarre statement accusing Democrats of “feasting” on his insurrection

Trump unleashes bizarre statement accusing Democrats of “feasting” on his insurrection

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Donald Trump may have lost his digital bullhorn when Facebook and Twitter banned him over his role in inciting the deadly January 6th insurrection, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still blasting his deluded, inane opinions out to the world. His abjectly immoral spokesperson Liz Harrington regularly share statements from Trump on Twitter.

Even if we’d all rather never hear from our worst president ever again, it’s worth keeping an eye on what he’s saying. If he ends up running again in 2024 it’ll be helpful to know exactly what kind of feverish alternate reality he’s constructing for his acolytes. As Sun Tzu said: Know thy enemy.

Today, Harrington released a statement in which Trump claimed that Democrats are “feasting on January 6th,” by which he presumably meant they are making political hay out of the disgraceful coup attempt. And why shouldn’t they? Trump and his slobbering maniacal supporters attempted to overthrow a fair and legitimate election. There has never been a more powerful argument for keeping a party out of power than the one that’s currently arrayed against the GOP.

Trump went on to claim that there are no Republicans on the “Unselect Committee,” which is his idiotic term for the January 6th Committee because according to him Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney “are not Republicans!” Of course, the two conservatives are Republicans, but since they refuse to devote themselves entirely to the MAGA cult they’ve been ostracized by much of their party.

Add your name to demand Trump be forced to testify for January 6th committee!!

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The former president insisted that Democrats refuse to talk about the “root” of the “protest,” which he claims was the “Rigged and Stolen Election.” Despite his insistence that there is “voluminous” evidence that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election through mass voter fraud,  no such evidence exists.

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The Big Lie has been debunked countless times and by stating that it caused the insurrection, Trump is excusing what his followers did on January 6th. In doing so, he is setting the stage for more political violence. This man can never be allowed to hold political office again.

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