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Donald Trump Jr.’s latest attacks on Biden verge on self-parody

Donald Trump Jr.’s latest attacks on Biden verge on self-parody

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One of the best arguments for rapidly increasing the speed of the criminal investigations of the Trump Organization for tax evasion and fraud is that such action would likely lead to the conviction and incarceration of not just Donald Trump, but his first three children as well.

After Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance on Dan Bongino’s Fox News program yesterday, the idea of locking up the eldest scion of the disgraced former president seems even more desirable, if only to prevent similar future media appearances by Junior whose hyperactive right-wing rants offend the sensibility of anyone with half a brain and a regard for reasoned discourse.

Bongino, who himself was named by The New York Times as the top disseminator of misinformation about the 2020 presidential election, was happy to allow the ex-president’s son — who also made the top five of The Time‘s false propaganda superspreader list — to go on an extended jeremiad against the Biden administration’s pandemic response.

Given the fact that his own father intentionally bungled the federal response to the spread of COVID in this country to protect his reelection chances — a strategy that led to countless more infections and deaths than a less politicized approach would likely have done — Trump Jr.’s bleatings seemed particularly ignorant, shrill, and partisan.

The ridiculous extent to which Don Jr. went to attack Biden is perhaps best exemplified by his criticism of the current president for failing to cure cancer yet in his scant 10 months in office.

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Trump Jr. is so wedded to promulgating anti-vaccine sentiment — perhaps to remain aligned with the anti-science crusaders for selfishness and “freedum” that make up his father’s MAGA base — that he appears offended that American citizens haven’t taken to the streets in larger numbers to protest vaccine mandates.

To simply call Donald Trump Jr. reprehensible for his harmful promotion of anti-vaxx rioting is simply not enough.

Junior and his extended family need to be held accountable for the damage that they have done to American society.

It’s long past the time for the Justice Department to speed up its work and indict the entire Trump family for their crimes.

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