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Nancy Mace exposes MTG’s cruelty in classy response to “trash” attack

Nancy Mace exposes MTG’s cruelty in classy response to “trash” attack

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Though we all should have been desensitized to — and possibly we have — the nihilistic and gleeful cruelty of the Donald Trump faction of the Republican Party, every so often certain individuals, usually Marjorie Taylor-Greene, still manage to find new depths of depravity in her obsessive urge to demean and demonize her enemies.

Taylor-Greene has proven before that she is a monstrous, unfeeling person with her targeted public attacks against the trans daughter of her Democratic colleague Marie Newman. But today’s events prove that there is no circle of hell deep enough for her.

Taylor-Greene publicly lashed out at fellow Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC)  on Tuesday morning for condemning Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bigoted and racist attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) during a recent CNN appearance, calling her “trash” and “pro-abortion.”

Mace fired back with a snarky but respectable response, becoming one of the few Republicans to publicly disavow religious bigotry and racism, which is rarer than one might think in this age of contempt and radicalism.

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But the story didn’t end there. What Taylor-Greene failed to mention in her attempt to make Mace seem more liberal than she is was that Mace was sexually assaulted in high school and supports abortion ban exemptions for the victims of rape and incest — what was once a commonplace, reasonable position but is now becoming rarer as Tea Party zealots take over legislatures across the country.

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For Greene to trivialize and exploit Mace’s past suffering for such a cheap throwaway shot is appalling and offensive to basic human decency, which Mace bravely called out once a reporter made the connection.

Sexual violence is a horrifying epidemic that affects millions upon millions of American women, and it should never be taken lightly or used as a political cudgel — especially not to score cheap points with the hooting and baying rabble that slavishly dote on MTG and Trump’s every word. Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s presence in our government is a disgrace to our entire nation and to humanity as a whole.


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