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Trump attacks Mitch McConnell and urges him to throw the nation into financial crisis

Trump attacks Mitch McConnell and urges him to throw the nation into financial crisis

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With the Republican tax cuts for billionaires enacted during the initial months of his tenure, Donald Trump drove the United States to an unprecedented level of indebtedness.

Now, in a fashion that’s typical of the way he ran his bankruptcy-rich real estate business, he wants the US to default on its debts, potentially devastating the economy by destroying the creditworthiness of our country and imposing economic hardship on its citizens.

Trump may not have explicitly stated his desires in a way that makes the implications of his politically-motivated policy proposals obvious, but if you look at the press release he issued earlier today attacking his GOP nemesis, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — and urging the Kentucky senator to use his legislative prowess to refuse to raise the nation’s debt ceiling to thwart the passage of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better act — then the end results of his rhetoric become clear.

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The deranged former president attacks McConnell, who is only four years older than Trump himself, as an “Old Crow,” and blames him for not having used an earlier opportunity to leverage the debt ceiling to undermine the popular spending bill when he had the chance.

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Forget about the potential effects on the economy. Trump needs a victory, and he doesn’t care about the collateral damage from whatever scheme he has to humiliate his opponents.

While Trump may consider expanded Medicare coverage for seniors and much-needed childcare benefits to be social “wasting” rather than spending, it’s hard to believe that the majority of Americans agree with his parsimonious assessment of the cost-benefit ratio of social programs after he and the rest of the Republican Party showered the ultra-wealthy with their largesse by slashing their taxes.

For the man whose frequent declarations of “infrastructure week” became a running joke and whose inability to build more than a few miles of his much-vaunted border wall cemented his failure as a captain of construction, the newly-coined epithet of the “Unfrastructure bill” is a pretty pathetic and envious attempt at eroding the foundation of President Biden’s most significant legislative achievement to date.

Considering that slashing taxes for his billionaire pals and loading the Supreme Court with right-wing extremist justices were the only legislative accomplishments of his time in office, Trump’s jealousy of Biden’s success where he himself failed is pretty predictable.

As Trump argues with McConnell over reprehensible points of political strategy in his press release, he does get at least one thing right.

“Our Country is being destroyed,” Trump declares in the final line of his statement.

Only a fool would fail to see that it is Donald Trump and his acolytes who comprise the most destructive force facing our nation today.

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