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Trump complains about not being on TV enough in whiny, narcissistic statement

Trump complains about not being on TV enough in whiny, narcissistic statement

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For anyone except those of us who make a living reporting on Donald Trump’s latest brain fart, Trump’s ban from Twitter was a blessing.

No longer would Trump’s impulse to share his every reprehensible thought on social media be instantly attainable for the frequently infuriated former president.

Unfortunately, he soon found a way to circumvent the prohibition on his personal posting by hiring Liz Harrington as a press liaison to issue what were formerly his dashed-off tweets as formal press releases and to post them on her own Twitter account.

Thus, we find ourselves once again awash in bizarre Trumpian pronouncements about whatever topic the disgraced ex-president has stuck in his craw at any given moment even if the frequency of the posts has diminished significantly since the height of Trump’s social media dominance.

Today was a particularly productive day for the former guy on the communications front as he prolifically trotted out his latest grievances to declare them to the world.

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In the first of today’s missives, Trump returned to his favorite theme of the past year — his phony claims that he only lost the 2020 presidential election by seven million votes because of massive election fraud for which he has been unable to demonstrate even a shred of legitimate evidence.

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Typically, Trump framed his latest argument based on a logical fallacy, implying that because no one has stepped up to take him up on his challenge to debate him “about the massive election fraud,” then it is because are somehow afraid of the “indisputable” facts that he has at his disposal.

In Trump’s disordered thought processes, his status as a “ratings machine” gives him the leverage to force people — sane individuals who don’t want to see their reputations tainted by a debate with a mentally-unstable, wanna-be authoritarian — to listen and respond to his paranoid rantings in a public forum.

Disasters, both natural and man-made, also garner huge ratings bonanzas for news networks, but you don’t see anyone urging people to blow up buildings or commit arson to start massive wildfires because the upside for ad sales is so great. (Well, anyone but far-right extremists, but their aim is fascism rather than corporate financial gain.)

How Trump expects to win any proposed debate with evidence that has been rejected by every court in the land is immaterial, since the only win Trump cares about is being the center of attention as his narcissism dictates.

He gets more mileage out of the fact that no one takes his debate proposal seriously because he can claim that they are afraid of him and the supposed truth than if someone were to take him up on his offer.

If anyone outside of President Biden himself were to step up to the challenge — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), for example — what do you think the chances that Trump would not find an excuse to back out of a debate with his intellectual betters?

With no Democrat deigning to lower themselves to accept Trump’s taunting challenge, that will have to remain a hypothetical question.

Meanwhile, Trump had already moved on to a new trolling opportunity.

Displaying a phenomenal lack of awareness of how government actually works, Trump has decided to assign responsibility to Democrats for the spate of recent flash mob retail store invasions that have been heavily publicized and sensationalized by right-wing media in pursuit of those same ratings spurts that Trump mentioned in his previous emission.

Interestingly, Trump somehow gives the Democratic Party ownership of “cities” and displays considerable confusion about who actually gets to call out the National Guard, perhaps an indication as to why support took so long to arrive at the Capitol on January 6th.

With his fear-mongering about retail store closures — which likely have more to do with a particular branch’s profitability than any crime statistics — Trump is again tapping into the divide between the urban population and the suburban and rural electorate to try to turn the national conversation away from the excesses of police violence and racism and blame Democrats for being soft on crime.

At least Trump’s final sentence rings true.

“It is all not even believable.”

That’s pretty much a given for anything contained in any of Trump’s press releases.

Trump may think that everyone wants him on television, but the truth is that a sizeable portion of America wants him in prison.

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