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Serial liar Kayleigh McEnany sparks outrage with absurd new reason for why she would “never lie”

Serial liar Kayleigh McEnany sparks outrage with absurd new reason for why she would “never lie”

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Each of Donald Trump’s successive press secretaries set new lows in the most outrageously flagrant and downright Orwellian acts of lying to the public on a daily basis, but it was Kayleigh McEnany who really left an impression on the nation for the palpable shamelessness and ease with which she delivered denials in defense of the now disgraced-ex president.

It’s not just the severity of the falsehoods which she presented as fact from the White House, which were so bad that labeled her press briefings as a “parody of dystopian governance,” but her continual repetition of the lie that she never lied after being kicked from the White House by the Biden administration.

McEnany, attempting to cash in on her own post-Trump book deal, caused a stir towards the end of the week when excerpts from her upcoming memoir, “For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey Through the White House and Beyond,” were released. One passage, in particular, caught the eye of the public, in which McEnany claimed that she couldn’t have ever lied because she went to Harvard.   

On every level, this assertion is ridiculous. Harvard, Oxford, and Georgetown have produced some of the world’s most prolific liars; indeed, the assertion that merely attending the school is indicative of some kind of greater moral fiber is complete nonsense. Elite institutions exist to serve the elite and their broodlings, laundering idiocy and obfuscating it with the mythology of meritocracy that accompanies these names of these historied colleges. McEnany shares a Harvard degree with much of the Trump administration, including Stephen Bannon, Jared Kushner, Wilbur Ross, Michael Pompeo, Elaine Chao, Alexander Acosta, Rod Rosenstein, and Anthony Scaramucci — a veritable rogue’s gallery of slack-jawed dipshits and contemptible sociopaths.

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However, it is very illustrative of how the modern American right-wing thrives entirely on self-serving delusions, utterly divorced from reality and breathtaking in its arrogance. “I would never lie,” she writes, lying. “How do you get through Oxford, Harvard, and Georgetown without sourcing?” By paying the school three million dollars — just ask Jared.

“Telling the truth is in my nature and central to my family life and faith walk,” is an insane thing for someone who has lied to your face every day for nearly a year to say, but that’s exactly how much stock the supposed Christians in Trump’s circle put in the beliefs they supposedly obey and the integrity of their relationship to the things they supposedly hold dearest, like your “family and faith.” It’s all a hollow, cynical sham, and it’s honestly sickening to behold. These people are monsters.

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Social media had a lot to say about this:

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