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MTG goes off the deep end with ludicrous claims about Jan. 6th rioters during presser

MTG goes off the deep end with ludicrous claims about Jan. 6th rioters during presser

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It’s hardly a secret that the modern Republican Party has devolved into a circus dominated by clueless clowns and arguably genuinely insane people. People like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Matt Gaetz have become the face of the party as they regularly traffic in deranged conspiracy theories and the most overt, repugnant forms of racism.

A healthy political party would have quickly moved to expel such detestables from its ranks but the GOP base has shifted so far to the right, become so aggressively divorced from reality that these individuals who would have once constituted the tinfoil-hatted fringe of their movement have become major fundraising powerhouses. It can be tempting to ignore them, but they’ve become so influential that we must pay attention to them in order to understand what we’re facing.

Today, Greene held a press conference with Gaetz, an accused child sex trafficker, and Rep. Louie Gohmert, a shameless white nationalist. As should be expected from an event hosted by three people whose combined IQ doesn’t quite reach the three-digit range, it was full of delusion, misinformation, and weaponized ignorance.

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Greene whined that those who took part in the deadly January 6th insurrection are being mistreated in an “unbelievable” fashion. She baselessly claimed that they’ve been told “they have to denounce President Trump” and that their “views are the views of cult members even though these are men that every single night at 9 o’clock at night they put their hand over their heart and single the National Anthem voluntarily.”

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She could not have done a better job describing cult-like behavior. Storming the capitol because you believe a pathological liar when he claims without evidence that an election was stolen from him, then proceeding to sing the same song every night while imprisoned is not the behavior of people with a good grip on reality. Rather than engage in some introspection and question the idiotic decisions that led them to their predicament they continue to roleplay as “patriots” despite being the furthest thing from patriotic. Patriots don’t try to overturn a free and fair election.

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The stupidity didn’t end there though, as Greene went on to claim (again baselessly) that the public defenders afforded to the imprisoned insurrectionists call them “white supremacists,” tell them to denounce Trump and their political views, and force them to read books on “Critical Race Theory.” Greene’s claims are absurd at face value and by now it should be clear to anyone who’s been paying attention that “Critical Race Theory” is just code for “anything Republicans don’t like.”

Despite Greene’s crocodile tears, the insurrectionists must be held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the law. To do anything else is to encourage a repeat of January 6th and we cannot allow something like that to ever happen again.

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