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FOX & Friends hosts have meltdown after the FOX Christmas tree is set afire

FOX & Friends hosts have meltdown after the FOX Christmas tree is set afire

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Last night, the imaginary “War on Christmas” that FOX News invented to push absurd culture war narratives came home to roost as a vandal lit the FOX News Christmas tree on fire in New York City outside of their headquarters.

Subtext and subtlety once again proved they are long dead in the post-Trump world as the symbol of conservative hyperpatriotism and conservative culture war was turned into a fiery inferno.

The FOX and Friends hosts predictably held a public meltdown during their Wednesday morning show as they grappled with the incident, immediately painting themselves and all FOX News-watching Americans as victims of the War on Christmas.

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Predictably, this story became both part of the “War on Christmas” narrative and also part of their “CRIME IS OUT OF CONTROL” narrative being pushed day in and day out by right-wing propagandists, despite the fact that statistics show property crimes are lower than they’ve been in over a decade.

While nobody is pleased to see a Christmas tree burn, you can’t help but feel like perhaps this is some kind of karmic message being delivered to the psychotic propagandists at FOX and Friends, who have spent the past two years pushing anti-vaccine conspiracies on a daily basis. The only real downside is that now their victimhood complex has some real meat to work with, and we won’t hear them shut up about this for the next five Christmases.

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