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Marjorie Taylor Greene concocts absurd justifications in attempt to expel Adam Schiff from Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene concocts absurd justifications in attempt to expel Adam Schiff from Congress

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The continued failure to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from Congress is one of the most egregious ongoing failures of the Republican Party.

Every day she remains a lawmaker the GOP is telegraphing to the world that there is no offense  — from overt racism to dangerous conspiracy theorizing to excusing a deadly insurrection — that they won’t tolerate so long as the person committing the offenses can fundraise large sums of money from the base. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) turns a blind eye to her disgusting behavior at every turn, cementing his place in the history books as a craven of the lowest order. This failure to hold her accountable only serves to embolden the QAnon Congresswoman and today she actually had the gall to call for the expulsion of another member of congress.

Greene, who seems far more interested in tweeting than actually legislating, blasted Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Twitter today. She accused him of telling lies about her on the House floor today and brought up what she called “his #BigLie about Trump and Russian collusion.”

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It must be noted that Schiff didn’t lie when he accused Donald Trump of colluding with Putin’s Russia. In the end, Robert Mueller’s probe simply revealed that he and his investigators couldn’t find enough evidence to absolutely prove criminal conspiracy. Disappointing to be sure, but the probe didn’t come anywhere close to exonerating Trump. It is still entirely possible that those suspicious of Trump’s connections to Russia were correct but that the relevant evidence was never uncovered.

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Greene went on to call him “Slimy Schiff” and alleged that he knew the “Steel [sic] Dossier” was “pure lies.” Again, it must be noted that Schiff didn’t know it was “pure lies” because it hasn’t been revealed as such. The dossier was always presented as a compilation of uncorroborated intelligence. Just because its most salacious details were never fully vindicated doesn’t mean it didn’t contain great swathes of truth. The entire right-wing sphere wants to pretend as if the entire Trump-Russia story has been debunked but that’s patently untrue.

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“Adam Schiff should be expelled!” Greene concluded her tweet.

Schiff, of course, should not be expelled and is in fact one of the best examples of a public servant currently in office. Schiff has always pursued the best interests of the American people and during the Trump years that meant fighting the worst president in American history tooth and nail. Greene, on the other hand, is a deranged pathological liar who would be far better suited to a padded cell than the House of Representatives.

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