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Trump turns interview into unrelated rambling about female athletes and plugging his “book of pictures”

Trump turns interview into unrelated rambling about female athletes and plugging his “book of pictures”

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Despite our best efforts, Donald Trump manages to find ways to keep himself in the public eye, mostly through the cooperation of the right-wing propaganda industry. Even the most ostensibly “sErIouS” commentators like Hugh Hewitt are willing to sit there and listen to him ramble while he goes on absolutely bonkers tangents that somehow manage to always work their way back to massaging Trump’s insatiable ego.

The latest interview was no different, and we were treated to some of that classic Trump insanity word salad that we all know so very well at this point.

In response to a question about the ridiculous notion that Trump “saved Christmas” — Hewitt should have his journalism credentials absolutely revoked for playing along with this line of questioning — Trump wasted no time in praising himself for bringing back Christmas before plunging into an entirely unrelated discussion about “female athletes,” which we apparently need to “bring back:”

 “Well, he’s a good man. It’s true, though. You know, when I was running, 2016, Christmas was like you couldn’t say the word. I said the word. And I said we’re going to bring back Christmas, and we’re going to be saying Christmas. And you know, department stores weren’t using it in ads, little things like they’d show snow, and they’d show a red wall, but they wouldn’t say Merry Christmas. And I think we brought it all the way back. And we can do it with other things. I look at what’s happening, and you know, this whole female athlete thing is a very big deal, too. I see that a record, a swimming record was broken by 18 seconds, another one was broken by 38 seconds, okay? You know what 38 seconds is, right? And we have to bring back the female athlete. This is just crazy what’s going on. These records, you know, one record held up for many, many years, and if they break it by one-eighth of a second, that’s a lot. You don’t break it by like 36 seconds and 18 seconds. It’s ridiculous what’s going on.”

Where the female athletes went is unclear.

Later on in the interview, Hewitt asks the disgraced ex-president to talk about his “coffee table book” that is being released shortly — of course, it’s a coffee table book, the only kind of book Trump likes to “read” — and Trump immediately went on one of his patented rants about how unfair everything was to him and how great his presidency was, jumping from subject to subject in a whirlwind of aggravated complaining that will make your head spin:

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 “So it’s a book of pictures, largely, with statements, but a book of pictures. And I did it at the request of some, because we had a great presidency. Even though we were surrounded by maniacs that were looking to do damage, but we had a great presidency in terms of what we, we rebuilt the military. We cut taxes more than, you know, the biggest tax cut in history, as you know, biggest regulation cuts in history. What we’ve done was just amazing. And it was, you know, in many ways, it was a great time. It was a nasty time, because the Democrats are absolutely crazed – two impeachment hoaxes, you look at the Mueller witch hunt, we went through so much, and yet we got more done that virtually anybody. I mean, you just take a look at what we did. And we had a tremendous foreign policy. You didn’t have planes flying over Taiwan, and he understood that. You didn’t have planes, bombers flying over Taiwan. You didn’t have what’s happening on Ukraine. You didn’t have this. I mean, this looks like it’s very serious stuff. They don’t respect us anymore. And then when you add in the worst, in my opinion, the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country, which is the withdrawal from, the way they did the withdrawal from, I mean, Afghanistan, I’ve never, I’ve never seen anything, in all the years I’ve been doing this stuff, and I’ve been watching it just like you have, and I’ve been involved with it as you are, I’ve never seen anything worse than the, or more embarrassing, than what we did with Afghanistan. We lost soldiers, by the way, many, many very severely wounded that nobody even talks about, we left hostages. We left American citizens behind. We left $85 billion dollars’ worth of brand-new beautiful equipment, much of it behind. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. And I had that so perfect. Every screw, every nail, every bolt was going to be taken out. Every tank, we would have taken everything. We were even taking down the hangars. And we were keeping Bagram not because of Afghanistan. You know, it was billions of dollars to build it. We were keeping it because it’s one hour from the Chinese nuclear plant.”

They did eventually circle back to the book again:

“And I think they’ll really like it, and it’s a beautiful picture of four great years for our country. And our country now is at a point that I don’t think it’s ever been so low. It’s not respected. The world is laughing at us between our borders, where millions of people are coming in every couple of months, millions and millions of people, they’re emptying our jails into our country from other countries. Our country has never been so disrespected as it is right now. It’s a laughing stock all over the world.”

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It still boggles the mind to think that this man was once the President of the United States — and we have to do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Read the whole interview, if you must.

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