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Psaki deftly shuts down Doocy’s attempt to shift blame for FOX Xmas tree arson on to Biden

Psaki deftly shuts down Doocy’s attempt to shift blame for FOX Xmas tree arson on to Biden

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We all knew it was coming, but it’s still been remarkable to see the absolute hysterics and piteous weeping that has been issued from FOX News after an arsonist burnt down their Christmas tree in New York last week. Dubbed by the Daily Show as “Pine-Eleven,” the incident has sent FOX’s victimhood complex into the stratosphere as they cry wolf about being “targeted.” One would think their entire headquarters had burned down and not just a Christmas tree, but hey, any opportunity to simultaneously fan the flames of the imaginary “war on Christmas” and “crime out of control” narratives.

The tragedy of the FOX News Christmas fire was brought to the White House on Monday, as FOX’s Peter Doocy inevitably tried to shift blame for the arson on to the Biden administration, insinuating that somehow the White House is personally involved in the prosecution of minor property damagers in New York City. Doocy demanded to know whether the President thought it was “good governing” for the arsonist, who is a mentally ill homeless man, to be released without bail.

The suspect exposed himself outside of accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial prior to committing the arson and is clearly not of sound mind. But that hasn’t stopped the FOX News crowd from howling for his head as retribution for their precious Christmas tree.

Jen Psaki had little patience for his complaints and asked him to talk to the local police departments who had done the releasing, in accordance with local laws.

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