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Teachers subjected to humiliating stunt for classroom funds sparks outrage

Teachers subjected to humiliating stunt for classroom funds sparks outrage

Republicans love to bang the drums about how China represents an existential threat to the United States and the liberal world order but are unwilling to do the basic work necessary to meet this threat. Their only solution seems to be shoveling more money to the bloated military-industrial complex while ignoring the myriad other spheres in which Americans will have to compete in order to meet the coming century.

Nowhere is this failure to prepare for the future more evident than in our education system. If the GOP were truly serious about competing with China they would be injecting hundreds of billions of dollars more into the Department of Education. Instead, they continue to vilify teachers while advocating for private and charter schools that could only ever cater to a small portion of the nation’s children.

As a result, countless teachers have to scrape by to provide even the bare minimum to their students. A disturbing example of this trend surged to the forefront of Twitter recently when a clip of South Dakota educators competing in a “Dash for Cash” competition went viral on the social media website.

The demeaning competition involved helmet-wearing teachers scrambling to fight over $5,000 worth of one dollar bills that they would be able to use for the classroom supplies.  For obvious reasons, the video didn’t sit well with many observers and it was likened to everything from Ancient Rome to the recent popular tv series Squid Game.

Regardless of the comparison one makes, the point is the same: this is unacceptable. Teachers shouldn’t be forced to engage in humiliating stunts like this just to provide their students with what they need. Our government should be paying for it all. If we can afford to spend close to a trillion dollars a year on the Pentagon’s budget we can afford to buy pencils and paper for teachers.

The organizers of the event have since apologized and promised to donate more money to teachers in the area saying: “although our intent was to provide a positive and fun experience for teachers, we can see how it appears to be degrading and insulting towards the participating teachers and the teaching profession as a whole.”

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