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Ana Navarro publicly hits Don Jr. where it hurts in wake of Jan 6 text message revelations

Ana Navarro publicly hits Don Jr. where it hurts in wake of Jan 6 text message revelations

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Last night, the astonishing news broke that a flurry of text messages had been fired off by major figures in the Trump circle, including FOX News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, to Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows begging him to do something about the January 6th rioters as they rampaged through the Capitol building.

The implications of the revelations coming out of the Jan 6th investigative committee are fairly damning for all those who have spent the past year attempting to downplay the severity of the most direct threat to our democracy since the Civil War, making it clear that they knew exactly how dangerous the attack on Congress was but still carried water for Trump up and down the airwaves of American media.

But it was former Republican strategist turned the View host Ana Navaro who noticed something odd about the messages — that Donald Trump Jr. had to reach his father through his Chief of Staff.

The elder Trump seems to relish dumping humiliation after humiliation on his son, and apparently not having a direct line to the President is one of them. Maybe he just didn’t think the elder Trump would listen to him?

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Donald Trump’s obvious disgust for his namesake — who the elder Trump prophetically didn’t want to name after himself in case his son turned out to be a “loser” — is one of the more tragic aspects of the Trump family dynamics, but it’s hard to feel sorry for Don Jr. when he’s spent his life being the worst person that he possibly could be. Wonder where he got that from?

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