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Hannity and Laura Ingraham throw on-air tantrums over their leaked text messages

Hannity and Laura Ingraham throw on-air tantrums over their leaked text messages

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The astonishing hypocrisy of the deranged FOX News hosts who spend day after day filling the mind of your average nursing home resident with the most outrageous lies and conspiracy theories was put on full display this week when Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) exposed a string of text messages from prominent propagandists like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham sent on January 6th.

Contrary to the hours upon hours the pair have since spent downplaying and dismissing the horrifying attack on our Capitol by a mob of enraged Trump supporters, these text messages showed that the anchors were deeply disturbed by the events on the Hill and were begging Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to make sure Trump put a stop to it.

Cheney read out the text messages during an investigative hearing on the January 6th attack. “Multiple Fox News hosts knew the president needed to act immediately. They texted Mr. Meadows and he has turned over those texts” announced the Wyoming Republican.

Laura Ingraham’s text message read: “Mark, the President needs to tell people in the Capitol to go Home. This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy.”

Hannity’s asked the president to step in directly: “Can he make a statement, ask people to leave the Capitol.”

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Faced with the embarrassment of having their on-screen personas be exposed as nothing but a cynical act to rile up the rubes, both Ingraham and Hannity went on their shows and promptly threw tantrums and cried crocodile tears about being the victims of a smear campaign.

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Hannity had the nerve to take to the airwaves and complained that this country doesn’t believe in “privacy” anymore, which is infuriating to hear from a man who spent the majority of 2020 discussing Hunter Biden’s sex life and leering over hacked text messages and photos of the President’s son struggling with addiction.

Laura Ingraham, on the other hand, tried to play it off like she didn’t care about it one bit…

But made it clear she does actually care by complaining about the media’s “lies” about her text messages:

It is truly astonishing to see the complete absence of any kind of self-awareness and no end to the depravity of these deeply dangerous conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately, given the brain-washing nature of their programs, their fans will refuse to look behind the curtain and dismiss these texts as some kind of liberal conspiracy — but they are a reminder of just how appalling it is that FOX is allowed to have the word “NEWS” follow its name.

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