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Lauren Boebert ignites firestorm of mockery for complaining about the gender of a cookie

Lauren Boebert ignites firestorm of mockery for complaining about the gender of a cookie

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Republicans must be exhausted. Every day they have to wake up, peel off their Donald Trump-themed comforters, roll out of bed and pretend to get angry about some new, utterly inane culture war issue. Having long ago abandoned any interest in improving the material conditions of everyday Americans, GOP politicians are forced to spend their days whining about the right-wing media’s latest manufactured outrage.

The holiday season has to be especially tiring for these lunatics because every year they have to dust off their talking points about the imaginary “War on Christmas” and screech about it till they’re red in the face.

This year, Rep. Lauren Boebert, noted Islamaphobe and gun freak, managed to find a somewhat fresh angle on her Christmas whining. She retweeted an image today of a Gingerbread cookie labeled “Gingerbread Person” and asked when the term “person” will become “offensive too.” It’s the usual conservative complaint about pronouns and gender identities but grafted onto an inanimate baked good.

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Apparently, Republicans are now so desperate to gin up controversies that they’re complaining about the gender (or lack thereof) of cookies. This woman is an elected member of Congress. Instead of focusing on legislation or the ongoing pandemic, she’s spending her time on this idiotic rubbish. Who cares if it’s a “gingerbread man” or “gingerbread person?” Clearly, she thinks her constituents are absolute morons.

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As one might expect, the Twitter responses to Boebert’s tweet were dripping with mockery.

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