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Twitter rips into Melania Trump after she announces “NFT” project that’s just her own eyes

Twitter rips into Melania Trump after she announces “NFT” project that’s just her own eyes

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By now, you’ve certainly heard about non-fungible tokens (or NFTs), the latest craze to sweep the cryptocurrency world. What exactly an NFT is hard to explain, because it doesn’t make any sense, but ostensibly an NFT is a digital object that confers ownership of a piece of digital media, and it’s stored in the Ethereum blockchain, which is a digital network of transactions powered by feeding trees from the Amazon rainforest into a woodchipper to power a trailer full of computers which perform the calculations to maintain the network.

The NFT market has recently exploded in recent months, as videogame companies, bands, and major corporations try to get in on the action. Headline after headline announces yet another staggering new expenditure of digital currency to secure ownership of, like, a hideous cartoon of a monkey wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette, or even just a low res-image of a pet rock:

If you think this sounds like a ridiculously asinine cover-up for money laundering and scams, you’d be right.

Which is why it was only a matter of time before the biggest scam artists in the United States, the Trump family, stepped into the digital world of NFTs. On Thursday, Melania Trump announced that she was launching an NFT project starring — of course — her own eyes. Entitled “Melania’s Vision,” the token platform ostensibly embodies her “passion for the arts” and her support for children in the Be Best initiative.

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The wife of America’s most unrepentant con man promised that a “portion” of the profits will go to kids aging out of foster care.

Allow us all a hearty roll of the eyes.

This is the same family whose charitable foundation was dissolved by the state of New York for committing a wide range of abuses, including bribing public officials and purchasing personal items for Donald Trump himself, like a Tim Tebow football helmet. The very same family who was busted funneling money that was supposed to be going to a children’s hospital into their own businesses.

Does anyone believe that the former First Lady will actually be donating any proceeds to a charitable cause?

Judging by the responses to the news on social media, the answer is a resounding no.

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