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Donald Trump’s latest press release is making Democrats’ blood boil

Donald Trump’s latest press release is making Democrats’ blood boil

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Donald Trump is taking the latest discoveries by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection personally.

He begins his latest press release — his substitute for the Twitter posts he used to post with machine-gun rapidity before being permanently banned by that social media platform — with the false claim that “All the Democrats want to do is put people in jail.”

It would be an audaciously paranoid statement from a man who won his presidency by screaming “Lock her up!” and ranting about law and order at every opportunity in the runup to the 2016 election was it not for the fact that Democrats do indeed want to jail the people responsible for the January 6th violent invasion of the Capitol BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW — as did Trump himself, judging from the growing body of evidence that the House committee has gathered.

Trump goes on to project the sins of his violent supporters upon Democrats and to complain about the ruined lives of the insurgency’s perpetrators rather than admitting their obvious guilt.

He then spins a series of lies about how Democrats are governing the country since his much-celebrated departure from the White House, culminating in his “Big Lie” claiming that his loss to Joe Biden was the result of a “rigged” election.

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It’s the same B.S. he tries to peddle every day, but this time there is an air of desperation in his words.


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Add your name to demand Trump be forced to testify for January 6th committee!!

As the details of the communications that his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows exchanged with both Republican politicians who were caught up in the siege of their workplace and the Fox News hosts who were privately calling for Trump to call off his rabid followers while continuing to promote his lies on air, the truth is catching up to the disgraced ex-president.

As usual, the denizens of Twitter told Liz Harrington, the social media mouthpiece for the former guy, exactly what they thought of his latest ravings.

Apparently, most of the people who follow Liz Harrington are major detractors of the man for whom she works.

By this point, it is outrageous that Donald Trump has yet to be indicted by the Department of Justice for any of the many crimes for which he could be charged relating to his actions as president.

From obstruction of Justice to conspiracy to commit treason, there is a multitude of instances where his behavior crossed the line into indictable territory.

It’s well past the time fro him to be brought to justice. We’re tired of waiting and our democracy can’t afford much more delay.

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