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NO BAIL: Oath Keepers leader’s estranged wife exclusively shares his escape plans

NO BAIL: Oath Keepers leader’s estranged wife exclusively shares his escape plans

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The leader of the Oath Keepers national right-wing paramilitary organization charged with seditious conspiracy for attempting to keep Trump in power on January 6th just got denied bail, and his estranged wife told Occupy Democrats exclusively about his plans for escaping the country. (photos below)

Earlier this week, Oath Keepers leader Stuart Rhodes is in the Fannin County Jail in Texas and got denied bail after prosecutors provided testimony from his soon-to-be ex-wife Tasha Adams about the “elaborate escape tunnels” in his backyard.

In our exclusive interview with Adams, she revealed that Rhodes’ obsession with escaping America long predates his involvement in the January 6th seditious conspiracy plot he’s been indicted for pursuing.

She also shared intimate details of his plans, the story behind his distinctive eye patch, and even his motivations for guiding the formerly libertarian-leaning group of former police officers and veterans towards a hard-right pro-Trump stance. 

Rhodes’ incarceration before trial isn’t just about his unusual plans to escape justice, as U.S. Magistrate Judge Kimberly C. Priest Johnson concluded in her order:

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“The evidence shows Defendant orchestrated a large-scale attack on the federal government with the purpose of intimidating, by violence, federal officials and disrupting official governmental proceedings incident to the transfer of power in the Executive Branch following a national election.”

“Escaping somewhere to South America has always been his plan,” says Adams, “and these people [the Oath Keepers] never knew this.”

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She continued by revealing the deeper inner recesses of the alleged seditionists mind saying, “His whole life is about escaping one day. Narcissist types like him do things in fits. They get obsessed with things. It’s a whole lifestyle. He did TONS of training. He’d book two weeks at tactical training school.”

Wildly, the Oath Keepers leader pursued his escape tunnel obsession throughout a period lasting at least the last nine years, according to her:

“[Rhodes] had dug escape tunnels with a backhoe in one house we lived in in 2013. He didn’t make it all the way out to the logging road where he had a car registered to someone else waiting for him. They were elaborate but incomplete and eventually collapsed. So we moved to a new cabin 8 miles away, and he took more courses on tunnel creation.”

But she revealed that the photos used in this story’s cover image and those of other news stories are merely representative and not the very same tunnels from his home because Stuart Rhodes was too paranoid about allowing someone to record evidence of his own personal escape plan.

“The house we were in was 80 acres, but these shots weren’t from our house because there were visitors I cropped out. He would never have allowed photos of his own tunnels for his own security, but half the town knew he was digging them. These are images of him inside a spider hole, part of his new planning.”

The Montana resident Adams also shared numerous details about her former life with the extremist leader and even some of the challenges she’s facing raising her children from her ended marriage with Rhodes, for example, their adjustment to public schools after years of homeschooling. 

However, it was her explanation of his motive to attack the Capitol that is most revealing about Rhodes. Like politicians, Mike Pompeo and Lindsey Graham who previously criticized Trump and Trumpism, the Oath Keepers leader experienced an ideological conversion for previously unexpected reasons. Adams shared this assessment of his motives:

“Stuart Rhodes is not so much a true believer in the cause, as much as he wants to make his mark in American history. That’s why he made that weird hard right turn a few years back from what was supposed to be a libertarian organization. He tried to absorb the energy of the Ron Paul movement for his own, then started going the route of more and more power. It was very intentional.”

Adams explained that her ex-husband’s demeanor went through a major shift after his associates defied the federal government during the Nevada standoff at the Bundy Ranch in 2014. Rhodes was in genuine fear that his associates’ defiance of the federal government would be ruinous for his movement, obsessively repeating, “Bundy fucked us.”

“After the Bundy Ranch incident, he stopped ‘everything,'” says Tasha Adams. “He stopped bathing. Everything.”

And that is what she says led to Stuart Rhodes’ most distinctive feature to outside observers, his prominent eye patch which is not visible in the below photos of him standing inside the spider hole.

“He had lost his eye in 1991 and had a prosthetic eye which skin grows around. But you’re supposed to treat it like a contact lens, take it out and clean it. He just quit cleaning it,” Adams explained. “After a couple of years. YEARS of not ever removing his prosthetic eye or cleaning it, he started to get some swelling in his face. It went on for a year before it all went to hell. If you see swelling in his face, it’s from infection. Then his eye socket ruptured from infection and the doctors removed the implant. That’s when he started wearing the eye patch.”

Overall, the former wife of Oath Keepers leader Stuart Rhodes painted the picture of an individual driven by vanity, often paranoia, and always to achieve his own personal ambitions both large and small.

“He doesn’t like to do anything he doesn’t like to do. If it’s not enjoyable, without the dopamine, he just won’t do it.”

Lawyers for Rhodes say they’re going to appear the bail decision.

Here are the photos of alleged seditionist Stuart Rhodes claiming into a spider hole:

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