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OPINION: Mike Pence should’ve given this speech instead

OPINION: Mike Pence should’ve given this speech instead

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The former Vice President gave a speech Friday to the conservative Federalist Society.

Even though VP Mike Pence finally said the phrase “Trump was wrong” to say that he possessed the power to change the result of the 2020 election, it wasn’t enough.

I felt the speech was weak coming from a former Vice President, so I had to write the speech he should’ve given.

I also believe that Pence should go onto conservative media delivering a robust message to protect our Constitution. It’s the Constitution and our Democracy that give us our rights and freedoms, not the flag, not the anthem. So if he really cares about America then there is a lot more Pence needs to tell the radicalized Republican base.

Here’s what I think his coming-out speech admitting that Trump is wrong should have said instead of the weak sauce he poured out to the elite Federalist Society:

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“On January 6th of 2021, former President Donald Trump led an assault on our Democracy. He inspired insurrectionists to storm the Capitol which resulted in deaths. This is not who we are supposed to be as Americans and Republicans. Donald Trump must be held accountable to help preserve our Democracy and the rule of law must be upheld so situations like this don’t happen again.

I will do my part by cooperating with the January 6th committee to ensure those who are responsible for the terror attack will be held accountable to the full extent of the law. There is no excuse for the former President to have spread the big lie and certainly no excuse to have carried out this assault on our Democracy.

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I am sorry that it took me this long to speak out because I believe it is every constitutional conservative duty to demand that Republicans must comply with the committee and follow through with their subpoenas. If we expect Democrats to uphold the oath of office, then we Republicans should also do what we preach.

Leaders set the example with integrity and courage to do the right thing. Republicans who are complicit and who refuse to work with the January 6th Committee are un-American and unpatriotic.

Defending the big lie and insurrectionists, co-conspirators is not the opposite point of view, it’s just wrong and should not be tolerated.”

I really believe, especially as a former Republican, if Pence and other Republican leaders were to be bolder and work together to hold Trump accountable, maybe their constituents would see that Trump was unlawful.

We must hold Republican leaders to the fire because Democrats can’t do it alone.

Protecting Democracy is our bi-partisan duty as Americans.

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David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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