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OPINION: The NY Times owes Hillary Clinton an apology

OPINION: The NY Times owes Hillary Clinton an apology

Hillary Clinton snubbed by NY Times in story on Trump destroying public records

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With everything the NY Times has done to Hillary Clinton, they could have at least published her recent comment, the one they themselves requested, in a story about the irresponsible and disgusting way the former president handled government documents.

But no, they refused.

This is the latest in a long list of atrocities the New York Times has done to Hillary Clinton and it proves that they are not the ‘liberal media,’ if such a thing ever existed in the first place. This is what she said:

“The 2-year frenzy over the emails was a political Rorschach test where everyone saw something different in what was ultimately nothing. Call it sexism, Republican depravity, ratings-hungry media, it’s time we acknowledge it was bullshit, and write that into the history books.” – Hillary Clinton

The New York Times is hot garbage and here’s why:

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Back in 2016, their reporter Maggie Haberman amplified the Hillary Clinton conspiracy which Trump campaigned on.  I and many other conservatives who supported Trump (including others like me who learned this was a mistake) did our best to get this to the masses to say ‘Hillary Clinton was an irresponsible leader and unfit to be President.’ At the time I was spreading this lie, I didn’t know it was a lie, and the fact that the Times writer amplified it, even more, made us believe we were right and this possibly persuaded undecided electoral voters to pick Trump. Little did I know that I would eventually learn that Hillary Clinton was exonerated of any wrongdoing, and I apologized for my part in spreading this lie.

After learning about how the email scandal was a conspiracy, you would think that the NY Times would get it together, right? Nope, things just got worse. We just found out in Maggie Haberman’s recently published book that Trump reportedly flushed unclassified government documents down the toilet. The destruction of government property is a crime, as well as illegally obtaining classified documents.

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What’s truly disappointing is that we didn’t know this important information until over a year after the 2020 presidential election. We are talking about a story comparable to the single most damaging story of the 2016 election about a Democratic candidate, but when a Republican president does the same the Times ignores it, even with the same supposedly objective writer on the beat. Even worse, the buried story is a standalone moneymaking deal for the reporter who pushed the nothing-burger Clinton story. Trump’s reckless behavior proves him to be incompetent and criminal, and more is leaking out daily about his fight to keep the people’s records in his tiny, private hands.

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The fact that a highly regarded reporter like Maggie Haberman withheld this for-profit shows her lack of character and integrity as a journalist. She and the New York Times should be ashamed of themselves.

Maggy Haberman and the not-so-liberal media the NY Times owe Hillary Clinton a public apology.

We all owe a thank you to Nick Merill for informing all of us about a disservice to the public emanating from the Old Gray Lady when it suddenly began to betray its motto of publishing “all the news that’s fit to print.”

This is an opinion column.

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