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OPINION: Trump wants you to forget about his evil. DON’T!

OPINION: Trump wants you to forget about his evil. DON’T!

Don't turn your back on Trump. The evil of Trumpism hasn't gone away. We must fight it.

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As we get closer to finding out more incriminating activity by Trump via the House January 6th Committee, the NY AG, and the DOJ, the former President continues to put out statements spreading the big lie and claiming any accusation to be “fake news.”

As of right now, Trump still stands as the face of today’s Republican party and a possible front-runner for President in the 2024 elections.

I understand why people feel that Trump’s statements and right-wing propaganda should not be given attention. But as someone who came from the Tea Party/MAGA world, I respectfully disagree.

We have the most important midterm elections coming up, and we have to pull out all of the stops, which includes the tough task of crossing to the other side to bring in votes. Millions of people watch Fox News and listen to Conservative talk radio and have misconceptions of Democrats and liberal values, which is due to Trump and his minions sending out falsehoods and propaganda about Democratic politicians and what we believe to be values of the Democratic Party. I.E., the lie about Hillary Clinton spying on Trump in the 2016 election, for example.

Conservatives voted for Trump in 2016 for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons that I can think of, especially the reason I voted for him, was because to conservatives, they feel they are not being heard by Democrats, or Hollywood, or anyone else outside of their right-wing circle.

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Trump spoke on issues that conservatives felt were important, including the demonizing of Democrats indoctrinated by right-wing pundits. Most of it was ignored, and Democrats usually ignore these discriminatory claims. The fact that they’re ignored tells the conservatives that Dems must be guilty because they are not proving themselves to be innocent.

We have to do things differently.

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We need to confront Trump and Trumpism.

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We need to call their lies out and hold Republicans accountable for destroying the country.

They continue to assault our Democracy, and if we don’t act, we can lose more seats and power to these seditious traitors, and if Trump is not held accountable and wins in 2024, we can kiss our Democracy goodbye.

Democrats need to go on Fox News and Conservative outlets, the people need to hear the truth of what’s going on in the country, and that’s the only way we can truly make a change in the right direction.

We’ve got to start thinking “outside the box” if we want to destroy the cult of Trump once and for all.

Because this is a winner takes all fight for American democracy versus a former president who once compared himself to the evil Captain Bligh of Mutiny on The Bounty infamy.

He’s not going away quietly, or, without a fight.

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David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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