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SOFT: GOP Sen. Tom Cotton torn apart for weak stance on Putin

SOFT: GOP Sen. Tom Cotton torn apart for weak stance on Putin

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You know your hot take on the Ukraine situation is more like warmed-over doggie doo-doo when a political consultant for your own party calls your comments “asinine.”

That was the fate of Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) when former GOP campaign consultant Tara Setmayer attacked the  Arkansas politician for trying to pin the blame for the reportedly imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine on President Joe Biden.

Setmayer was appearing as a panelist on MSNBC‘s The Sunday Show when host Jonathan Capehart played a clip of Senator Cotton appearing on Fox News and making this remarkably tone-deaf statement:

“For four years when we had a Republican president who Democrats like Joe Biden accused of being in Vladimir Putin’s pocket, and for some reason, Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine. It’s because the only way to confront an aggressive autocrat like Putin or Xi Jinping is to show strength from the very beginning. That’s the way to deter the kind of conflict that is likely about to happen in Ukraine,” Cotton claimed.

Asked by Capehart to make sense of this knee-jerk partisanship, Setmayer expressed astonishment that anyone could interpret Donald Trump’s behavior towards Putin and Russia as anything but fawning submission.

“Let’s go back to the videotape, shall we?” Setmayer suggested. “If it really means showing strength means kissing the ass of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un, well, then I guess that Donald Trump put America first.”

Setmayer — a former GOP congressional communications director who is now affiliated with the anti-Trump Lincoln Project — went on to detail the instances where Trump metaphorically rolled over and bared his vulnerable belly to Putin.

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“It’s asinine for him to even imply that,” she said. “Do we need to go over all the dozens upon dozens of examples of Donald Trump acquiescing to Vladimir Putin? Remember he wouldn’t call Putin a killer during the Super Bowl in 2017?” she asked.”

“‘There’s lots of killers, are we so innocent?'” she quoted Trump’s infamously unpatriotic comparison between the U.S. and Russia.

Setmayer wasn’t done with her list of examples.

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“What about Helsinki where Donald Trump stood on the world stage and gave more credibility to Vladimir Putin than our own intelligence agencies?” she added. “What about how when Trump said, we don’t care about those sanctions, he can keep Crimea. What about the time where Donald Trump, with open arms, embraced Sergei Lavrov to come into the Oval Office of the United States and passed off intelligence information to the Russians? I could keep going, there are so many examples that are so egregious that the cold warriors of the Republican Party who know better freaked out over, and Ronald Reagan would be spinning in his grave over it.”

Her final comments addressing Senator Cotton’s assertions sent a suitable message to all deluded Republican politicians still trying to appease their party leader in a bid to stay in his good graces and avoid a primary challenge.

“I say to Tom Cotton, and the rest of them, get out the hell of here. We saw the video for four years, we lived through it,” Setmayer dismissed the Arkansas senator and his ilk.

You can watch the full fury of Tara Setmayer’s rant about Senator Tom Cotton on MSNBC‘S The Sunday Show in the video clip below.

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