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WATCH: Trump CPAC speech whines intoxicate his right-wing flock with lies

WATCH: Trump CPAC speech whines intoxicate his right-wing flock with lies

Donald Trump at CPAC

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Donald Trump was on his home turf at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last night, so it’s no surprise that his unhinged rants in front of the crowd of right-wing extremists, golden-calf evangelicals, and political opportunists were received with an enthusiasm typically reserved for the most misanthropic leaders of an authoritarian cult of personality.

It goes without saying at this point that anything that Donald Trump utters should be taken as the equivalent of originating from Bizarro World, the DC comics alternate universe in Superman lore where everything is the opposite from what it really is on earth.

Trump proved his aversion to the truth right out of the gate by starting his CPAC speech with a ritual recitation of the “Big Lie.”

One has to have the gullibility of a two-year-old to believe statements about the border wall fiasco so obviously pulled directly out of Trump’s own posterior.

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Trump’s own gullibility was on display as he introduced his former White House physician, Congressman Ronnie Jackson (R-TX), and repeated Jackson’s laughable physical assessment of his overall health, something that the corpulent junk-food junkie seems to actually believe.

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Trump somehow manages to praise Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky as a brave man — just days after lauding his warring opponent Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “genius” — and then turn the conversation to be all about himself and how badly he was treated in his first impeachment.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump speech without a boatload of lies about his nemesis, President Joe Biden.

If Trump’s comments on domestic matters were self-servingly delusional, his remarks on the Russian invasion of Ukraine were equally so, with a dash of treason added to the mix.

As a dangerous climate change denier, Trump’s opinion on the future effects of rising sea levels seems to be filtered solely through his ambitious eyes as a property developer, even if his understanding of the predicted consequences of glacial melt is far from the scientific consensus.

Trump was sure to reinforce his racist, “nativist” views with his CPAC audience of reactionaries who were equally primed to applaud his dangerous views about COVID public health measures and those who ignorantly protest against them.

Trump doubled down in praise of selfishness over concern over the health of others, dismissing attempts to mitigate the spread of a disease that flourished under his incompetent and politically-motivated watch.

It’s almost nostalgic to see Trump continue to pursue his vendetta against the first person to earn millions more votes for president than he did. That his audience still reflexively chants “lock her up!” is going to seem highly ironic when their golden idol faces accountability for his own now-well-documented crimes.

Trump capped off his lie-fest with a “Sir” story — a sure sign that the anecdote that follows is 100% bovine excrement — that exemplified his standing as the biggest sore loser in American history.

With Trump continuing to tend to his adoring deplorables in his speeches and public appearances, it is all the more crucial that he be held accountable for his misdeeds, both in-office and in his private business practices, and to prevent him from ever holding public office again.

With the investigations being held by the House Select Committee on January 6th, by the Fulton County, Georgia prosecutors investigating his election interference in that state, and by the New York prosecutors examining his real-estate empire for tax fraud, an indictment by all rights should be imminent.

It can’t come soon enough.

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