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MELT DOWN: Trump explodes at his former AG as Bill Barr publishes memoir trashing him

MELT DOWN: Trump explodes at his former AG as Bill Barr publishes memoir trashing him

MELT DOWN: Trump explodes at his former AG as Bill Barr publishes memoir trashing him

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Former Attorney General William Barr is making the media rounds promoting his book,  One Damn Thing After The Next. An account of his time as Attorney General under the Trump Administration. Breaking his silence, so to speak.

In it, Barr states the GOP should move past Trump in 2024, that Trump “has neither the temperament” nor does he have the “persuasive powers to provide the kind of leadership that is needed.”

His volatile, and unpredictable behavior: not suited for the Oval Office.

Tell us something we don’t know.

Barr confirms Trump was taken underground during the 2020 BLM protest in Lafayette Square, where peaceful protesters were gassed in the now-infamous photo of the twice impeached former president holding a bible upside down, something Trump continues to deny. On Trump’s demeanor:

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“The president lost his composure. Glaring around the semi-circle of officials in front of his desk, he swept his index finger around the semi-circle, pointing at all of us. ‘You’re all losers!’, he yelled, his face reddening…’You’re losers!’ he yelled again, tiny flecks of spit arcing his desktop. ‘Fucking losers!’ It was a tantrum,” Barr writes.

What he has to say isn’t sitting well with his former boss. In a letter addressed to political commentator Lester Holt, we see just how much. He calls Barr “lazy” and “cowardly”. Afraid to “stand up to the Radical Left Democrats”. Trump’s Twitter proxy, Liz Harrington wasn’t pleased either. And she wasted no time responding.

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Barr refutes Trump’s claim of voter fraud. “The election was not ‘stolen’, he wrote. “Trump lost it.”

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Prompting Harrington to tweet a previous interview Barr had with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, saying just the opposite.

As to Barr not pursuing claims of voter fraud, Trump blamed it on fear — that Barr was afraid of being impeached.

“Despite massive amounts of evidence, with far more produced after his leaving, he refused to go after the fraud and irregularities that had so openly taken place in the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump writes in his letter to Holt.

Evidence that has yet to be presented.

He then went on to liken Barr to a horse that had been “broke,” branding his former right-hand man as a “disappointment” and “afraid to act”. Whether or not Trump has plans to read Barr’s book, I think he makes it abundantly clear:

“I imagine if the book is anything like him, it will be long, slow and very boring.”

Here’s a full copy of Trump’s letter to Holt:

Barr is just one, in a long list of former Trump confidants coming forward with the “truth”. Another one waiting until after they left the White House to set the record straight. Another one who failed to do the right thing when they had the chance. Another one who put profit over country.

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