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TWITTER FEUD: Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lt. Col. Vindman face off over Ukraine blame

TWITTER FEUD: Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lt. Col. Vindman face off over Ukraine blame

TWITTER FEUD: Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lt. Col. Vindman face off over Ukraine blame

Who doesn’t like a good Twitter feud? Particularly when it involves such an enormous mismatch of intellects as the social media exchanges that have been volleying back and forth between QAnon queen Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (USA, Ret.), the former Director for European Affairs for the U.S. National Security Council.

This latest social media skirmish began when the insistently voluble Rep. Greene was engaging in one of her typical right-wing extremist multi-tweet rants blaming President Joe Biden and his supposed “weakness” for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Like many sane Americans, Alexander Vindman bristled at Greene’s partisan and ill-considered attacks on the American president when it is patently obvious that the only person responsible for deciding to invade a neighboring country without provocation in this instance is Vladimir Putin himself.

Vindman replied to MTG’s tweet with a clear reversal of the blame for the circumstances that encouraged Putin to decide to launch a vicious war, placing it squarely back in the laps of Greene and her alliteratively “Pro-Putin party” — and their “America First” media allies — who have been “cheerleading” the Russian president from the safety of the sidelines here in the U.S.

One wouldn’t expect that someone like Congresswoman Greene would accept Vindman’s blood-drenched accusations without a blazing riposte. She quickly branded Vindman a warmonger and retreated to her hoary “America First” platitudes.

While so far Vindman has made the wise move of declining to respond to someone who is so obviously in possession of so many fewer IQ points than himself, others on Twitter had no problem taking up his mantle in his defense in reply to Greene’s circus taunt.

Even a member of Rep. Greene’s own party — albeit the ostracized member of the House Select Committee on January 6th, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) — stepped up to call out the Georgia lawmaker’s “Putinism.”

Chalk up the win to Vindman in this social media battle.

As for Greene, she and her unique blend of QAnon conspiracy theories, unearned nativism, and virulent white nationalism have no place in our government. Let’s hope the people of her district in Georgia wise up and replace her with someone who can actually legislate rather than simply act as an extremist firebrand for reprehensible ideology.

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