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“LAY DOWN THEIR VERY LIVES”: Trump demands followers fight to the death against critical race theory

“LAY DOWN THEIR VERY LIVES”: Trump demands followers fight to the death against critical race theory

"LAY DOWN THEIR VERY LIVES": Trump demands followers fight to the death against critical race theory

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Are you willing to sacrifice your life for Donald Trump?

The twice-impeached former president seemed to ask for volunteers to do just that during his typically unhinged speech at his rally in Florence, South Carolina last night.

Unlike Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky who has inspired his citizens to risk their lives defending the freedom of their country in the face of a brutal and internationally-condemned invasion by Russia, Trump is asking his supporters to offer up their lives to fight against the right-wing shibboleth known as “critical race theory.

“Getting critical race theory out of our schools is not just a matter of values,” Trump declaimed. “It’s also a matter of national survival. We have no choice. The fate of any nation ultimately depends upon the willingness of its citizens to lay down and they must do this, lay down their very lives to defend their country.”

It takes a pretty long stretch to imagine that an academic theory principally discussed in graduate-level university classes warrants the ultimate sacrifice from a single one of America’s citizens, much less the entire nation as trump proposes.

That his rhetorical overreach was merely an excuse to attack his Democratic political opponents became obvious with what Trump said next while invoking an uncited poll that was likely either imaginary or of dubious legitimacy.

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“If we allow the Marxists and Communists and socialists to teach our children to hate America, there will be no one left to defend our flag or to protect our great country or its freedom,” trump railed. “Just days ago, a poll found that if our country was invaded, like Ukraine was invaded, a majority of Democrat had stunningly admitted that they would not fight for America,” Trump’s flight of dystopian fantasy continued.

Trump’s diatribe went on to condemn both the “woke” military and America’s tech giants with equal vehemence.

“For the same reason. We have to get political correctness out of our military. The Woke generals should be fired immediately. We want our generals to think about winning wars, not to teach pronouns. It’s also far past time for big tech and to restore our look at what big tech is doing, how dishonest they are, how dishonest and corrupt they are,” Trump said in a statement that many people would assume was another instance of psychological projection on his part.

It’s uncertain exactly how many people in Trump’s South Carolina audience would be willing to offer their lives up to fight against the teaching of critical race theory in our nation’s schools — even if the entire brouhaha over the issue is merely a cynical strategy invented by shadowy right-wing operatives seeking to open another front in the culture wars.

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It’s obvious, however, that these misguided Trump followers are invading the meetings of local school boards to disrupt proceedings with their ignorant calls to fire any teachers who bring up race as a factor in American history, running to become elected members of those school boards, and lauding the legislatures in Republican-controlled states when they attack free speech and intellectual freedom by enacting laws restricting how discussions of race can be conducted in our classrooms.

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Trump and his dangerous rhetoric must be stopped.

You can watch an excerpt of Donald Trump’s rally speech from Florence, South Carolina in the video clip below.

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