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OPINION: Joe Biden is the right person for the US presidency for this moment

OPINION: Joe Biden is the right person for the US presidency for this moment

OPINION: Joe Biden is the right person for the US presidency for this moment

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As the situation in Ukraine worsens, there is no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden was meant to be President at this given time. We are living in scary unpredictable times, and we need those with the experience and knowledge to lead at the helm.

President Biden has those qualities.

President Biden’s speech at his first State of the Union address is a good example of his leadership at work, giving me reassurance that he knows what’s going on and how to handle this crisis, and that Putin will lose. I can’t begin to fathom where Ukraine would be if Trump had won in 2020 — especially given his pandering relationship with Putin, the devil himself.

I swear to every bone in my body, that he has put our country at risk by having closed-door meetings with the tyrannical dictator. And while the right-wing tries to use their whataboutism tactics by using photos of President Biden and other Democrats standing next to Putin, THEY fail to understand the difference between diplomacy and pandering.

Besides the fact of the numerous times that Trump has sucked up to Putin, we still don’t know what was said behind the closed-door meeting between the two in Helsinki, and, quite frankly, I feel that’s putting our nation at risk. God only knows the damage Ukraine — and possibly Europe — would be in if Trump won another 4 years in office. Just look how the man handled the COVID 19 pandemic.

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President Biden is doing all that he possibly can to help end the war without turning this into a world war. I see that he and our leadership are learning from the mistakes our government has made by sending our troops to unjust wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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We need to continue to have patience and support President Biden knowing he’s doing everything he can to ensure Democracy worldwide.

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