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ENOUGH! Marjorie Taylor Greene is spreading lies again, and Liz Cheney isn’t having it

ENOUGH! Marjorie Taylor Greene is spreading lies again, and Liz Cheney isn’t having it

ENOUGH! Marjorie Taylor Greene is spreading lies again, and Liz Cheney isn't having it

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is in the news. Again. Being criticized by one of her own, Republican Liz Cheney. Again. This time for comments she made about the war in Ukraine, and her attempt to “both sides” the conflict.

In a Facebook video, one of Greene’s favorite media tools, she places blame on Putin’s escalation and increasingly aggressive attacks in Ukraine on US involvement. It’s a known Russian talking point: the fact that our government helping the democratic nation stave off an attempted overthrow of the country and its government is somehow provoking Russia and that those supporting Ukraine are only doing so due to financial interests in the country.

But it’s Greene’s implying Ukraine is equally to blame for the war by violating the peace agreement between the two countries (something proven to be patently false) that is a bridge too far for her GOP colleague in the House, Rep. Liz Cheney.

Dubbing Greene a “useful idiot” and calling her out for pushing Russian propaganda, Cheney had this to say:

“Putin is targeting and slaughtering civilians in a brutal, unprovoked war against Ukraine, a sovereign democratic nation.”

Now, this isn’t the first time that Rep. Cheney has publicly criticized Greene. Back in February, after Greene spoke at a White Nationalist event put on by White Supremacist Nick Fuentes, Cheney tweeted this:

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Greene is no stranger to criticism or ridicule, but in addition to Cheney’s admonishing, this week has been particularly brutal.

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A video showing Greene appearing to look at her phone, while the rest of Congress was applauding Ukraine’s President Zelensky after his speech to them, went viral. Criticism and backlash soon followed. Though it was later reported Greene did briefly clap, the damage was still done.

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That no one questioned that she was capable of showing that level of disrespect is a testament to what the general public thinks of her.

The very same day, Greene became the laughing stock of social media — again — in a trolling attempt gone wrong. Bill Kristol rightly called her out on her anti-American behavior. Greene’s now-infamous “Commander and Chief” tweet was quickly trolled, with none other than fellow Republican — and Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6th Committee colleague — Adam Kinzinger getting in on the action.

But it should come as no surprise that the woman who bullied and harassed a teenage mass shooting survivor and denies that 9/11 really happened would push Russian propaganda, either knowingly or unknowingly.

2022 hasn’t been especially kind to the GOP Congresswoman from Georgia. And while it may seem that her colleagues, the American public, and social media are hard on Greene — it will pale in comparison to the treatment she gets in US history books.

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