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OPINION: Useful idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene must be expelled from Congress

OPINION: Useful idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene must be expelled from Congress

OPINION: Useful idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene must be expelled from Congress

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About a year ago, I created this petition encouraging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to do the right thing by removing Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from Congress. It got over 200,000 signatures.

She remains a real threat to our national security this day, in addition to being a reckless member of Congress. I have decided to update the petition because Marjorie Taylor Greene’s actions continue to worsen.

Besides the fact that she is acting like Putin’s fangirl (which is only a tiny part of the problem), she continues to sew division and hate, spreads misinformation, and continues to cause chaos.

Here are just a few recent examples of what Marjorie Taylor Greene has done:

Just yesterday, she recklessly issued a lie-filled video blaming President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama for the current situation in Ukraine and continues to use her platform and spread misinformation.

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During a joint session of Congress in a secure facility, Greene initially refused to stand and applaud President Zelensky for his plea for help in the war against Putin. She also was seen on the phone during parts of his speech. This is a fight for Ukrainian democracy, their lives, and their freedoms. Regardless of the party, the values, or the faith that any red-blooded American may have, if they support democracy and freedom, they would be on the side of President Zelinkskyy and applaud what he had to say and share. Marjorie Taylor Greene spat in the face of democracy when she chose to sit down out of disrespect.

The north Georgia Congresswoman also dared to chant “build the wall” very rudely during President Biden’s State of the Union address. At the time of her chanting with colleague Lauren Boebert, Biden commented about his late son, Beau. It’s evident that Greene has no respect for others (or herself), no empathy, not even sympathy for any of her colleagues in the government. They aren’t loyal to twice-impeached former President Donald J. Trump, her guiding star.

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The capacity to be sympathetic to what others are going through and the ability to be empathetic – to feel others’ pain or share their joys – are qualities that any good representative should have for their constituents and for the country. MTG is lacking in both departments.

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Maybe that’s why Marjorie Taylor Greene even went out of her way to file a lawsuit against Speaker Nancy Pelosi for fines she received for not wearing masks, claiming it was against her free speech. The judge threw the case out because, obviously, it wasn’t against free speech. There are so many instances that Greene continues to be disruptive to the basic conduct of democracy and ignorant of maintaining the communal health of even her closest associates.

Marjorie Taylor Greene contributes nothing to Congress, her constituents, or the country and continues to defy democracy and everything that we stand for as a country.

In normal places of work, if any employee has done anything remotely close to what Greene has done, they would have been fired long ago.

I ask you again, Keven McCarthy, it’s time to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress.

Please have your voice heard by signing and sharing this petition.

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