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OPINION: Ted Koppel was right! Sean Hannity IS bad for America.

OPINION: Ted Koppel was right! Sean Hannity IS bad for America.

OPINION: Ted Koppel was right! Sean Hannity IS bad for America.

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Who is Ted Koppel and why is his opinion about Sean Hannity and Fox News being bad for America relevant today?

Over a 42-year period, ABC’s Ted Koppel went from reporter to the anchor and managing editor of ABC News Nightline. From 1980 through 2005, each night the show’s unique news format and late-night time slot where it covered a single major issue of the day made it a unique offering that we haven’t seen since its demise after Koppel’s retirement as America’s then-longest running daily network news anchor.

Growing up and in my early adult life, I used to admire Sean Hannity. Yes, that Hannity, from Fox News.

I felt it took courage to speak out for your principles without fear of backlashes you may receive. I thought he stood for the good of the country and admired that he stood up for Israel, the Jewish homeland, when other journalists, talk show hosts, and pundits did not.

In the past, I believed he knew what was best for our country in what it means to be a patriotic American who stood for Judeo-Christian values and has also been a big influence to me that for the longest of the time thought that Democrats were the enemy of America.

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According to Hannity after Trump’s election, there was a deep state that wanted to destroy the American way of life, the dangers of the Iran deal, the lack of accountability for Benghazi, defending the Constitution and that Trump was the right man for the United States Presidency in 2016.

That’s why I even told off Ted Koppel, who said that Sean Hannity was wrong for America and defended him as well as other conservative pundits until I learned that Ted Koppel was right, and it was all a lie from Fox.

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After that original dialogue that encouraged me to learn the truth, I saw Sean Hannity for who he really is. He’s a conman, a fraud, a disgusting human being.

He was so bad that he harassed answers from the death of Seth Rich and ignored his family’s plea to drop the case to harass Hillary Clinton.

Sean Hannity downplays the January 6th insurrection.

He downplayed Covid.

He defended Trump’s treatment towards minorities, women, veterans, and Hannity continues to attack Democrats, and yes, even still, the email lady Hillary Clinton.

His latest audacity is the attack on President Biden using a statement from a Kremlin spokesperson to launch his attacks on Biden.

There must be accountability for his character assassinations of Democratic officials because words have consequences.

Because Rupert Murdoch’s television channel exists to promote mass deception.

Imagine siding with the vile Russian fascist Vladimir Putin to “own the libs” for their hatred of Democrats and liberal values. The Fox propaganda tactics of whatabaoutism and deflection continue to indoctrinate conservatives to keep this division among Americans alive and well. As once they mimicked Russia’s fog of lies, now they’re just part of the show in Moscow.

Mr. Koppel couldn’t be any more right to say that Sean Hannity is bad for America.

So is Fox “News.”

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