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Blackmailing GOP Missouri ex-Governor now accused of domestic violence

Blackmailing GOP Missouri ex-Governor now accused of domestic violence

Blackmailing GOP Missouri ex-Governor now accused of domestic violence

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Scandal-plagued former Missouri ex-Governor Eric Greitens is again making headlines. And as usual, it isn’t good.

Recently surfaced allegations by his estranged ex-wife, Sheena Greitens, say that in the process of ending their marriage, he was physically violent. The tarnished former Republican Governor beat both she and their children.

Inside a court filing, Greitens’ ex-wife recalled an incident in 2018 when he knocked her down during an argument in an attempt to take her phone. Another time, the disgraced Republican politician who is running for US Senate this year yanked their then three-year-old son around by his hair. The incidents left her and their close friends of the couple fearing for her and the children’s safety.

Eric Greitens is a former Navy Seal and a gun enthusiast. Sheena Greitens is right to be concerned about her ex-husband’s increasingly volatile behavior and his access to firearms.

The above-described incidents also happened the very same year the so-called Party of Family Values politician was forced to resign his position as Missouri’s Governor amid substantial allegations of invasion of privacy for taking a photo of his hairdresser turned mistress without her permission.

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He later used those photos to blackmail his adulterous lover.

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After initially securing the Republican nomination for Governor in 2016, Greitens was seen as an up-and-coming rock star in a party not yet completely taken over by MAGA. But like the last remaining semblance of Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party, it would be short-lived.

When an investigation was opened by a bi-partisan, Republican-led committee for an incident that happened in 2015, Greitens was thought by the committee to have, committed the acts he was accused of. The invasion of privacy charge was credible, but evidence was lacking.

His former mistress testified that Greitens tied her up in his basement, tore her clothing without permission, took compromising photos, and forced her to have oral sex. He then used the pornographic image to keep her from going public.

She detailed multiple times during their affair where Greitens would call her derogatory names, hit, slap, and shove her. While there wasn’t enough to proceed to trial, the Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the case, Jean Peters Baker, did say:

“She never wanted this. She never willingly came forward, but she did tell the truth.”

While he escaped legal accountability in that case, his troubles would be far from over.

Just months later, Eric Greitens fell under investigation for using a donor list to fundraise for his political campaign.

Unable to stomach the political damage, Grietens  only to be charged with felony tampering, by none other than fellow Republican and then Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, a man not especially known for his rousing defense of the rule of law.

Yes. That Josh Hawley.

When your behavior is a bridge too far for the likes of a guy who fist pumps to encourage an insurrection against the capital; you in danger, girl.

Sure enough, Sen. Hawley (R-MO) has recently called for Eric Greitens to leave the Senate Race amid the new allegations. He tweeted:

While it is likely just the fear of losing a fairly safe Republican Senate seat because of a fatally flawed candidate (again: see Todd Akin), Hawley’s sentiment has been echoed by the State’s GOP, including Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO).

The House Republican Hartzler released a video condemning her party mate and former Governor. If you’re wondering what Hartzler’s problem is with Eric Greitens (aside from the obvious), it should be noted Hartzler is running against Greitens for Roy Blunt’s Senate seat. Endorsed by none other than, you got it — Josh Hawley.

Of course, it isn’t the first time that Rep. Hartzler has taken a dig at Greitens. Or his legal woes. In October 2021, she released a video poking fun at Greitens’ affair with his former hairdresser.

But before you applaud Hartzler for her call for Greitens to resign, or think she is some noble defender of women — Rep. Hartzler, not only has sponsored legislation restricting a woman’s right to choose, she recently had her personal Twitter account suspended for violating Twitter’s rules against hateful conduct.

Hartzler posted a shameless transphobic tweet she made in regards to transgender swimming sensation Lia Thomas and refused to take it down.

While Republicans like Hawley and Hartzler are right about one thing, the US Senate is no place for those who commit acts of abuse against women and children; I’d go a step further and say it’s also no place for transphobes, or Nazi saluting, insurrection supporters. Their newfound ethics about protecting women and children from abuse are entirely self-serving, and they do also prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a broken clock is still right twice a day.

Unless someone else throws their hat into the ring, it looks like Missouri’s Senate choices are lose/lose.

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