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FAILURE: New study proves that Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” nickname for Biden didn’t sway voters

FAILURE: New study proves that Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” nickname for Biden didn’t sway voters

FAILURE: New study proves that Trump's "Sleepy Joe" nickname for Biden didn't sway voters

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If you have nothing else to say — insult. That was, is, and has always been the Trump way.

From political rivals to the media and world leaders, Trump has never missed an opportunity to use demeaning nicknames in an effort to demean and diminish those not on the Trump Train — referring to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted,” former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary,” and Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe.”

While the name-calling was a hit with MAGA, with the rest of us — not so much.

That the Republicans are more about slogans rather than solutions comes as no surprise. Their rhetoric has failed to stick —and various polls conducted in the past few years prove it.

The well-known polling group, the Pew Research Center, did a study that showed Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” moniker, had little-to-no effect on voters overall. While the pot-shot-taking, twice-impeached former president may have garnered endearment with his base, outside of the Trumplican faithful, no one was buying it.

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The headlines and memes failed to translate into votes.

Tyler Johnson, from the University of Oklahoma, conducted a survey published in the Journal of Political Marketing in an effort to see the impact and effectiveness that the term “Sleepy Joe” had on the way people would vote in the 2020 presidential election.

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The results were predictably along party lines and beliefs, with those tending to vote Republican anyway favoring the nickname. Less than 40% of those surveyed correctly remembered the moniker at all.

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Because inconsistency is a character trait, Trump did try to move away from the “Sleepy Joe” narrative, switching from a non-engaging, “walking dead” talking point, to a fear-mongering one — painting Joe Biden as the big bad wolf, the one who was going to take away your freedom, let MS-13 run wild in the streets, and result in the ultimate fear — Cory Booker moving in next door.

Proving that even Bunker Boy knew that his ‘Sleepy Joe’ trope was a dud.

Original source: Emily Manis at Psypost

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