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HUMILIATED: Trump cries “fake news” as reports of his diminutive rally crowd go viral

HUMILIATED: Trump cries “fake news” as reports of his diminutive rally crowd go viral

HUMILIATED: Trump cries "fake news" as reports of his diminutive rally crowd go viral

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If the definition of insanity is someone who continues to expect to get results from actions that have repeatedly led to failure, then Donald Trump’s latest political rallies should be enough to help him present a credible insanity defense against any of the many charges he may yet to be faced with.

Trump’s latest rally, held in the appropriately named Commerce, Georgia last night, proves that the novelty of these neo-fascist assemblies is wearing thin, even among the Trump faithful.

Georgia Public Broadcasting political reporter Stephen Fowler was at the rally and reported truthfully on both the size and the waning enthusiasm of the crowd that still turns out for the twice-impeached former president in a series of tweets that were so disturbing to Trump’s ego that he felt compelled to have his public relations team spend all morning attacking Fowler’s reports as — you guessed it — “fake news.”

Take a look at Fowler’s tweets — sent as he was at the rally — and the response from the surrogate Trump Twitter account run by his press representative, Liz Harrington.

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One would think that with such compelling first-hand reporting combined with the visual evidence presented in the accompanying photos, it would be difficult for the Trump team to refute such plain truth regarding the disappointing attendance at the rally.

Don’t underestimate the magnitude of Trump’s hubris and his ability to crop photos to support his own contrary narrative of the event.

The intensity of Trump’s rage over the relative failure of his latest gathering of his deplorable tribe can be imputed by the sheer number of attempts to bend the truth into something more to his own liking as evidenced by the sheer number of social media posts that Harrington was compelled to issue to try to make the former president’s false version of reality stick, including at least two “official” press releases.

From the fracture syntax and capitalization, it seems likely that Trump himself wrote that elementary school-level press release, but apparently, one statement was not enough to vent his fury.

“This is really fun!”?!?! For whom exactly?

Even those two gems of a response were not enough for Trump. Harrington was back at swatting away factual analysis of the rally’s crowd size within an hour.

With diminishing thrills from the predictable litany of grievances that Trump trots out at every opportunity, his appeal even to his most die-hard supporters grows ever smaller. Trump’s repertoire has grown so stale and overused, that he must make ever more outrageous statements to even register at this point.

He can go on with his macho posturing about how he would simply nuke Putin if he were still in office — the kind of incendiary suggestion of mutually-assured planetary nuclear destruction that led Barry Goldwater to the dustbins of history during that right-wing Republican extremist’s campaign for president in 1964 — and no one will even blink an eyelash at this point.

Public Notice‘s Aaron Rupar noted the diminishing effectiveness of Trump’s extremist rhetoric in his thread covering the substance of Trump’s typically outrageous rally speech, citing public fatigue with his bombastic norm-shattering.

You can check out Rupar’s Twitter feed for a fine selection of appalling excerpts from Trump’s speech last night, but rest assured that there’s nothing there that you haven’t heard before.

Trump may have built his political career on the novelty of his outrageous boorishness, but now he risks irrelevance on account of his predictable boringness.

There’s a reason that circus doesn’t come to town every day.

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