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RANTING: Trump freaks out over criticism of his plea to Putin for Hunter Biden dirt

RANTING: Trump freaks out over criticism of his plea to Putin for Hunter Biden dirt

RANTING: Trump freaks out over criticism of his plea to Putin for Hunter Biden dirt

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Neither the media nor the public has been kind to Donald Trump after he called on his old crony Vladimir Putin to release any incriminating information that he may have on President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Trump’s nemeses on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe program — former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough and his wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski — fell squarely in the disgraced former president’s crosshairs as he vented his fury over the pair’s refusal to give oxygen to his slanderous conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden’s involvement in illicit deals in China and Ukraine.

Given Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter, he was once again forced to retaliate by issuing a raging press release through his social media surrogate, press representative Liz Harrington.

The release was about as defensive as Trump could possibly get, demonstrating the former president’s sensitivity to the massive criticism that his entreaties to the Russian war criminal have brought down upon him.

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If Trump thought that his latest whiny statement would put a halt to the barrage of derision aimed his way since he invoked the further assistance of his autocratic mentor, he was sadly mistaken.

The replies to Harrington’s post of his statement were vicious in their response to his latest bout of bellyaching.

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It doesn’t seem that Twitter users, at least, have much patience left for the diminishing mental competency of the morally-challenged former president. May we suggest a long convalescence in a federally run institution for the criminally insane as the best solution to protecting the public from the idiocy of Donald Trump? It’s the best use of our taxpayers’ dollars at this point and likely much cheaper than his Secret Service detail.

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