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ALTERNATE FACTS: Michigan rally delivers a cornucopia of Trump misinformation

ALTERNATE FACTS: Michigan rally delivers a cornucopia of Trump misinformation

ALTERNATE FACTS: Michigan rally delivers a cornucopia of Trump misinformation

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It’s the weekend, so, naturally, Donald Trump thought that it was the perfect time to hold a rally for his still gullible supporters in Washington, Michigan.

By now, anyone with an iota of intelligence realizes that the misbegotten former president has nothing of value to say at these neo-fascist assemblies. However, a combination of a desire for vigilance to know what this potential continuing threat to our democracy is promulgating to his impressionable masses and a morbid curiosity about just how far off the rails Trump went in this particular rally motivates us to once again venture into an examination of the video excerpts helpfully posted to Twitter by self-described “internet hooligan” Acyn, whose account should be on everyone’s follow list.

The reality distortion field began early in the rally with an opening prayer that seemingly took place in an alternate universe where Trump is still the current president, despite spending all the time when he is not holding events like this playing golf and crashing parties at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Once Trump took the stage, it was difficult for non-believers in the Trump pseudo-religion to comprehend how the former president could attempt to make his warm relationship with war criminal Vladimir Putin — and with other brutal authoritarian dictators — into a seeming asset.

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No one has ever accused Donald Trump of lacking chutzpah or hubris. He took both to new heights with his suggestion that the U.S. send troops back into Afghanistan after his disastrous deal with the Taliban to exit the country after the twenty-year quagmire allowed the release of a sufficient number of imprisoned jihadists to cause the premature collapse of the American-supported Afghan government.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump rally without a healthy dose of overt sexism, directed this time at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

As the nation clamors for accountability from the man whose relationship to the legal system resembles a recidivist vampire’s confrontations with garlic, Trump seriously attempted to downplay the conviction of the former Nebraska GOP Congressman Jeff Fortenberry who was convicted recently of lying about receiving illegal campaign contributions from foreign sources and forced to resign from Congress. It isn’t hard to figure out why Fortenberry might elicit sympathy from Trump.

As usual, Trump was full of malapropisms at his Michigan rally.

For someone who has such trouble articulating his words, Trump displayed the extreme arrogance of pretending to know better than Congressman Peter Meijer (R-MI) — one of the only ten Republican representatives to vote yes to Trump’s second impeachment — how to pronounce the lawmaker’s last name.

And no Trump rally would be complete without a display of overblown egotism over a laughable invented honor that even Trump himself could barely remember the significance of.

As the world is entranced by a war that could potentially escalate into a nuclear holocaust, Trump was offering an extended analysis of the deceptiveness of video editing by mainstream media in another tribute to his substancelessness.

Trump wasn’t done with his assault on the “fake news” media. He compared the American press to the now completely censored Russian media despite the fact that his rally was being broadcast by the usual right-wing propaganda channels such as Newsmax and RSBN, as well as C-Span.

Another weekend, another rally, another load of lies, manipulation, and self-interested horse manure.

It’s time that Donald Trump starts to spend his weekends — and weekdays — in court facing accountability for his many documented misdeeds instead of spreading hatred and misinformation.

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